1. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Perxy v2 Non-Host SPRX

    Here is the second version of my menu More details in the included info text document :smile: Enjoy no new thread cuz im lazy Download: Perxy SPRX v2
  2. thahitcrew

    Release Perplexed v4.1 | Pre-Game + Non-Host Mod Menu

    Download: Perplexed SPRX Game Logs: Perplexed Game Logs In-Game Menu ControlsDPAD-UP + Melee: Open MenuDPAD-UP/DPAD-DOWN: ScrollR3: Close Menu / Go BackX: Select Option Pre-Game Menu ControlsR3: Open & Close MenuL3: Select OptionsL2/R2: Scroll New In v4.1- Bug Fixes- Client Menu rebuilt-...
  3. thahitcrew

    Release Perplexed v1.0 Non-Host Menu