please help

  1. caliwil04

    Answered XBOX RGH problem

    So i have this problem. So my hdd already has everything i need and my steath is Ninja. the problem is when ever i boot it up after like a minute it will just say there was a problem with Ninja and reboot. But When i manage to get to dash launch and change my stealth it will never save and i...
  2. xbaconbr

    Question Modding (CoDWaW) PC

    Anyone here please help me to make one bot renamer on waw steam? I dont will sold or whatever i only will use for sniping clips etc on Pezbots. Anyone help me? I had done one but it only works on 2 bots and when I applied another it renamed all the bots (I need for 16+) :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: