redacted lan v2

  1. D

    Question How to play redacted offline without any internet connection but with all dlc

    i just want to ask how can i play it offline with the new redacted lan client that include all the dlc.
  2. xCometMods

    Release ShotgunsNSkullsV2 RTM Tool NoSteam

    ShotgunsNSkullsV2 Tool Tool is NoSteam Cracked BO2 Based Using Redacted V2 Lan Newest Version. Changes: Force Host Models Menu Better Weapons Menu Telportation Multiple new mods. ________________________ !!Attention!! In the tool folder there is an injector which injects a modded gsc script...
  3. SCP

    Release Redacted Custom Weapons Pack

    These guns will replace the original ones that came with the release of Redacted. If you want to keep those weapons, make a copy of "patch_redacted.ff" in "zone\redacted\". (rename the .ff to .ff.oldguns or something you fancy) This patch adds new loadouts of guns to the game. Such as: IW3's...
  4. CabCon

    Tool Black Ops 2 GSC Studio | GSC Injector PC/XBOX/PS3 +Download

    Hello everyone, with this post I just want to message you about a new GSC Studio Version. Version What's new on the build Support CCAPI 2.60+ Support any steam/redacted updates. Some internal changes. Download Mega Download Download File Size 15.14 MB...