redacted t6 questions

  1. Bossnagev420

    Answered Pre-Patch DSR

    Hello ppl is there a way to get the pre patch dsr back?
  2. X

    Answered How to play in LAN mode ?

    Hello, someone can explain how to play on LAN with friends, what is needed to play please, I have seen that there are people who play in lan mode and look for how they can do it.
  3. V

    Answered How do i get redacted nightly offline to have custom weapons?

    i wanna do some trickshots
  4. K

    Answered Can you do recovery for REDACTED T6?

    is there a way or like a rtm
  5. K

    Answered Dose Anyone have Jap Bi2

    IF u have any lang pls send btw i have polish need Jap or something:)
  6. Slander

    Answered Zombies "Unhandled exception caught" Error Fix?

    Hello bois, (and Pyrex lol) I am having a problem with my Redacted. The multiplayer works perfectly fine - its the zombies where I am having the issue. I can launch the game perfectly. I can browse the menus, use the menus, etc. But when I actually try to start a game, it will show that it is...
  7. M


    So recently I've been getting this error anytime I try to go into theatre mode on BO2 redacted version and try to load up a game, all i get is XBOXLIVE_GENERICDISCONNECT and it has been driving me insane. I have no idea how to fix this issue. I have tried everything from re-installing BO2 and...
  8. Luigiseb

    Answered Looking for 2012 version of BO2/Redacted

    I want to be able to have the "old dsr" and get up on some spots without mods and have floaters without mods (just for the feel). If you know how to get a version before the 1.13 patch then please reply. Thank you!
  9. Geralt

    Answered Black Ops 2 complete offline with Bots all DLCs

    Hi Guys! Can someone help me on how to play COD BO2 completely offline with Bots all the DLCs. I live in a 3rd world country where the internet completely sucks and as much as I want to purchase the game on steam, I don't have a stable internet connection, because apparently you still need to...
  10. D

    Answered Where can I download Black Ops 2 Redacted?

    link for download redacted please
  11. D

    Question Error Help - Missing config file "default_mp.cfg" during initialization. Bo2 Redacted

    i have a new account w/ Bo2 (not banned) when i launch redacted he say this -->
  12. C

    Question Black Ops 2 Redacted - Is it possible to go online with redbarebone.exe?

    When you turn on online on RedactedBarebone.exe what password do you use to get online? Please help me out here
  13. A

    Question Weapon Equipping Issues

    I am having problems finding the old thread that explained how to fix the issue with shock charges, KSG, ballistic knife, etc... and I can't seem to find a way to fix it anywhere. It will switch it to random weapons, or just remove it entirely before the next match. It's maddening as all hell!
  14. D

    Answered Where can I download Redacted?

  15. D

    Question Error Help - Could not load default asset 'fonts/..'

    why when i launch my t6mp i have this message ?. he say "could not loaded default asset 'fonts/720/consolefont' for asset type 'font' tried to load asset 'fonts/720/consoleFont'
  16. almoost

    Question Level 55 and Error Server Disconnected - 57475...

    guys. I am having a problem in redacted. I would like to know if I would get level 55 with commands on the console, I know statsetbyname rankxp, but it is causing an error when I start the game, I try for a random number and the game does not load the map and the error (Server Disconnected -...
  17. D

    Answered How to play Redacted T6 completely offline????

    hello all, I'm new here. I recently got the LEGIT steam version of bops2 with the map dlc and extra slots pack (and no camos cuz i dont like them) and downloaded it (ONLY the zm and mp, not the sp) I installed the latest redacted client from the official site, I disable my net...
  18. Azn

    Outdated Fix for ZM giving minidump on startup?

    I reinstalled Redacted at least a week ago and all I have been doing is really just playing mp and retexturing mp. I just now tried to start up ZM since installation. Every time I start it, it gives me a minidump. I don't know how to read dmp files but the error code is (0xc0000005) at...
  19. X

    Answered Where are all the DLC camos?

    I know the Alpha release has all the dlc camos, but, can the nightly get all the dlc camos?, if so, how?:confused:
  20. flow

    Answered Can I Remove the Redacted Watermark?

    It kind of bothers me and I just wanna know is it possible to remove it somehow?