1. D

    Question My lobbies keep getting "filled"

    Some player keeps joining & leaving a session their in, and after a few minutes it ends up crashing the game session & kicking all players back to lobby. Why does this happen?
  2. Puhzy

    Release Shitter CR-acked

    Shutter CR - Cracked By InUrFace I sent this to InUrFace. it was very funny to crack. great joke to the people who made it hahahahaha Nice protections shitters He only agreed to do this out of sheer boredom. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZA POOOPIES Showcase: Download Here!
  3. Littof

    Release GSC Base EnCore V11 Redo By Me

    Hi i redo the base EncoRe V11 Created By @CabCon Discord : Tobirama#5025 Xbox : Tunurs / Littof / Eau1 Original Creator : CabCon
  4. Lucifer

    Service Lucifer's Mod Shop

    Welcome CCM members to my mod shop here I will be selling a variety of things My service is really quick and I am trusted. Failure on my part to give you your recovery or what you purchased will result in termination of this thread and more then likely my status as moderator on the site. I...
  5. caliwil04

    Answered XBOX RGH problem

    So i have this problem. So my hdd already has everything i need and my steath is Ninja. the problem is when ever i boot it up after like a minute it will just say there was a problem with Ninja and reboot. But When i manage to get to dash launch and change my stealth it will never save and i...
  6. C

    RGH cant find my tools on pc

    So Neighborhood connect fine to my RGH but any other tool besides that it doesn't seem to find my RGH on my internet. With the tool RGHC I get errors "JRPC Not running on Console". So it seems like all my plugins arnt working except Neighborhood works perfect. I had this toll running before but...
  7. Whitech

    Outdated Are KVs becoming more and more rare as time passes?

    So I am planning to get into modding soon, but the Xbox 360 has been discontinued since April this year. Does that mean KVs will be harder and harder to get? Is it worth getting an RGH now?
  8. RGH Danny

    GSC GSC Functions by RGH Danny

    Hello and thank you for reading this thread. In this thread you can see some useful GSC Codes for Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Multiplayer-Mode only) I don't need to get any credits. Have fun. Simple Standard Advanced REST IS COMING SOON!