1. wmp

    Tool PS4 Management (C# Source) Not Finished Make It Your Own

    System Management Tool for PS4 everything in it is done but still needs more options added do as you please Bunifu UI used if you don't have it installed here is the thread on it: Bunifu Framework Download: Source Code
  2. J O S H I I

    Elohim - Hitman: Blood Money [NPUB30781] RTM Application

    This application is currently made for the [NPUB30781] version of Hitman: Blood Money on the PlayStation 3. If you are running a different region of Hitman: Blood Money, please do let me know if your game is compatible with my application. Requirements: CEX/DEX PlayStation 3 Stable Connection...
  3. Libkuza

    Question Which color is the best?

  4. sprx

    Release [PS3] ViralModdingTeam RTM Source

    Hello, I recently Sold my PS3 and am currently done modding on it. I am releasing all my Source/Self-Cracked Applications! This RTM Tool is created by "ViralModding" and I got bored and decided to release the source for people to learn or have fun with I guess. GitHub: sprxsh (SPRX.SH) ·...


  6. Pyrex BLJ

    Answered lock offset?

    Is there a way to lock an offset you change in an rtm tool? It would be much better than having a loop constantly changing an offset to get the desired result lol.
  7. Lucifer

    Question Black Ops 1 Azza tool compatible with CCAPI

    Hello Ccm users i was just wondering if this tool would be compatible with ccapi and all the mods will be usable if so please let me know because i would like for this tool to be compatible with ccapi instead of just tmapi. Btw here is a virus total link as well...
  8. God

    Tool TeknoMW3 Tool

    Hello CCM :raisedhands: I'm re-releasing my TeknoMW3 tool as its been updated. Enjoy Video: Pic: Download: TeknoMW3 Tool Virus scan: Antivirus scan for 00d9e7cee4f0e2738af90c4b1e406f0b9cce1ea70d0ac599f014ffc4e05d15a0 at2016-06-04 15:36:49 UTC - VirusTotal (obfuscation, false positive)
  9. Lucifer

    Answered Cod ghost rtm tool tac classes

    I am currently working on a tool that allows me to give people tactical insertions on there classes and them be able to keep it on there classes. Like in Advanced Warfare there is a tool that allows you to do that now i wanna be the first to be able to do this for ghost. If anyone is able to...
  10. S

    Release The Last Of US RTM 1.11 CCAPI/TMAPI

    The Last Of Tool By HaRD//HaCK Works With CCAPI 2.60! Works For All Regions! https://mega.co.nz/#!wJJkxS4a!b4PC7KrDrDYNqB07-Gh9T3VUssjrvzDUNpJHkHnirvU Antivirus scan for f4610c26169c027c9f766181a797b30c5100bfd5f2dcfcccd8dde8484075e5a5 at2014-12-31 03:29:10 UTC - VirusTotal