1. J O S H I I

    Elohim - Hitman: Blood Money [NPUB30781] RTM Application

    This application is currently made for the [NPUB30781] version of Hitman: Blood Money on the PlayStation 3. If you are running a different region of Hitman: Blood Money, please do let me know if your game is compatible with my application. Requirements: CEX/DEX PlayStation 3 Stable Connection...
  2. Libkuza

    Question Which color is the best?

  3. sprx

    Release [PS3] ViralModdingTeam RTM Source

    Hello, I recently Sold my PS3 and am currently done modding on it. I am releasing all my Source/Self-Cracked Applications! This RTM Tool is created by "ViralModding" and I got bored and decided to release the source for people to learn or have fun with I guess. GitHub: sprxsh (SPRX.SH) ·...


  5. Pyrex BLJ

    Answered lock offset?

    Is there a way to lock an offset you change in an rtm tool? It would be much better than having a loop constantly changing an offset to get the desired result lol.
  6. Lucifer

    Question Black Ops 1 Azza tool compatible with CCAPI

    Hello Ccm users i was just wondering if this tool would be compatible with ccapi and all the mods will be usable if so please let me know because i would like for this tool to be compatible with ccapi instead of just tmapi. Btw here is a virus total link as well...
  7. God

    Tool TeknoMW3 Tool

    Hello CCM :raisedhands: I'm re-releasing my TeknoMW3 tool as its been updated. Enjoy Video: Pic: Download: TeknoMW3 Tool Virus scan: Antivirus scan for 00d9e7cee4f0e2738af90c4b1e406f0b9cce1ea70d0ac599f014ffc4e05d15a0 at2016-06-04 15:36:49 UTC - VirusTotal (obfuscation, false positive)
  8. Lucifer

    Answered Cod ghost rtm tool tac classes

    I am currently working on a tool that allows me to give people tactical insertions on there classes and them be able to keep it on there classes. Like in Advanced Warfare there is a tool that allows you to do that now i wanna be the first to be able to do this for ghost. If anyone is able to...
  9. S

    Release The Last Of US RTM 1.11 CCAPI/TMAPI

    The Last Of Tool By HaRD//HaCK Works With CCAPI 2.60! Works For All Regions! https://mega.co.nz/#!wJJkxS4a!b4PC7KrDrDYNqB07-Gh9T3VUssjrvzDUNpJHkHnirvU Antivirus scan for f4610c26169c027c9f766181a797b30c5100bfd5f2dcfcccd8dde8484075e5a5 at2014-12-31 03:29:10 UTC - VirusTotal