1. Bambus

    Request Overhaul of the 'Point-System'

    So, as you all probably know, the current 'Point-System' is based on so called 'trophies' (Trophies), which are awarded by completing various tasks such as 'post 5000 messages', 'get 500 likes on your posts' or 'subscribe to Premium at least once'. Most points are awarded through those, that you...
  2. Pyrex BLJ

    @ mentions

    there should be an option to enable desktop notifications for @ mentions in the shoutbox
  3. S

    New Thread Reactions?

    so I was thinking maybe something like this would look cool to have on our site
  4. Lucifer

    Holiday Themes

    I think Holiday themes for the site would be a good fit let me know what you guys think :)
  5. CabCon

    What do you think about a CCM App?

    Hello guys, today I would like to know if you would use a Mobile app of ccm. Also which mobile device do you have, that we can see which systems the app should support. :) The app wouldn't cheap so what you think about it? Here are some Previews of a test build. Regards, CabCon.