1. Kyle Fardy

    Discussion Youtube Channel For CabConModding

    Things I Would Be Uploading Web Development Tutorials C# Development Tutorials Mod Menu Showcases RTM / RTE Tool Showcases Basically Anything To Do With Modding & Development @CabCon @DF_AUS @Freezee @Lucifer @P!X @SCP @The Dark Side @Venox
  2. Kyle Fardy

    Streaming Service (like twitch, mixer)

    im interested in maybe making a streaming platform for modding maybe not even just modding, im not sure where to start, any help would be much appriciated if you could point me in the right direction
  3. NexusDev

    Tutorial How To Add Glare Header To Menu Base

    1st Go To Ur Menu Source Code 2nd Add This Code Into Ur Menu Menu Base Used For Presentation : 2much4u Code 1: add These 1st: int gGlareHandle; int scaleform; float gGlareDir; float GlareX = 1.10f; float GlareY = 0.41f; float Glarewidth = 0.71f; float Glareheight = 0.73f; Code 2 [Main]...
  4. RGH Danny

    GSC GSC Functions by RGH Danny

    Hello and thank you for reading this thread. In this thread you can see some useful GSC Codes for Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Multiplayer-Mode only) I don't need to get any credits. Have fun. Simple Standard Advanced REST IS COMING SOON!