1. culticide

    Zombies Custom Maps Preservation (non-steam)

    Hello, I'm new here and relatively new to the modding scene. But BO3 is one of my favorite games to play, but with the loss of steam workshop downloader due to a cease and desist from steam and openload due to copyright infringement, I am compiling a list of custom maps and re-uploading them...
  2. xCometMods

    Release Black Ops 3 Zombies Trainer

    Works on Steam & Fitgirl v100 thread : Black Ops 3 Zombies Trainer
  3. Karasu

    Request Is anyone able to give me Max Level/Diviniums on Zombies?

    I would like to be Level 1000 on Zombies, and if you can, also give me some liquid diviniums. Thanks!
  4. SDgamer

    Request Liquid Divinium for PC (and maybe cryptokeys)

    I've been searching everywhere on the internet for any services or people that do these recovery services for liquid divinium on PC, but have found nothing more than dead servers and links. But I'm attempting to seek any possible people or services that are still around and working. A friend of...
  5. K


    can give you whatever you want on blackops 3 even liquids for zombies to buy gobblegum, hmu
  6. Z

    DLC Unlocker for Steam Version

    Does anybody has a Zombie DLC maps unlocker for BO1 steam version?
  7. VoidModding

    Service Call Of Duty Cold War Recovery done in minutes! DM ULTRA, Dark Aether, Plague Diamond , Max Player & Weapon Rank | Fastest Service | VoidModding.com

    Welcome to Void, where we provide super fast and efficient Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War boosting services, including weapon max levels, calling cards including Dark Ops as well as Plague Diamond, Dark Aether and Gold Viper. Make sure to stop by, as we have and offer regular discounts, as...
  8. bo3li

    BO2 how to get player kills in zm

    I want to reward the player if he killed 5 zombies .. how i can get player kills ?
  9. A

    Release Call of duty hitmarkers for zombies

    This mod gives you the hitmarkers whenever you damage a zombie with the red marker for kill confirm The good ol' "tap" sound is the bonus Here is a link to the mod's workshop page so you know what it is: WORKSHOP And here's the link to mega: MEGA it's ready no need to put it in zone and...
  10. K

    Question [zombies] disable fog?

    possible to get rid of the fog?
  11. patotu

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | Gilligans Zombie Island!

    Gilligans Zombie Island! How to install? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps - Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the...
  12. N

    Question I need a BO2 Zombies GSC (Redacted)

    I need a GSC to make it so instead of dying in two hits from a zombie, you die in 3 hits. Also for jug, make it one more hit as well. Can anybody do this for me? No idea how to make a GSC myself lmao I need spoonfeed :)
  13. N

    [BO4] WTB Zombies Unlock All

    Must provide proof that it actually works, looking for master prestige 1000 / all camos unlocked / all calling cards / literally everything unlocked ninestars#9999 if you have you can do this, willing to pay but not a ridiculous amount
  14. L

    BO2 zombies never sprint mod?

    Is there a mod/script or mod menu that allows you to prevent zombies from sprinting for the whole game? Like just have them only walk and run (walk only can work too)? The mod menus with "slow zombies" settings only seem to work for the current wave. I like to play solo and zone out while...
  15. D

    Error Gorod Krovi PC bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'

    Hey dudes help me, i tried to play the map and always show me this message "bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'"
  16. oTHmaN_HuMaiD

    [HELP] Gobblegum cheat engine hack for dlc 5 gobblegums

    I don't if everyone knows this, but there is a way using cheat engine to turn classic gobblegums into mega gobblegums (which makes it infinite megas), offline of course (use of this online will get you vac banned), but the thing is, I can't seem to use this with dlc 5 (zombie chronicles) GGs, it...
  17. E

    Discussion My game crashes when I load a map.

    When I try to load a map my game crashes
  18. 115sparkles

    Release BO1 Style Silver M1911 for Zombies

    heyo ^-^ So again, I was bored and decided to whip up another little thing that may be appreciated by someone somewhere. Screenshots below: simple texture replacement for the M1911 that makes it look like the classic silver BO1 M1911. Everything is silver and the grip is black ^^ As you can...
  19. L

    Question Black Ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu Problem

    When I use my mod menu every map works just fine... but when I start Origins it shows a black screen, plays the music, and just stays there.
  20. S

    Fastfile error for black ops 3 custom zombie maps cant fix?

    ive tried all the fixes on here but it seems as if im missing a huge load of files it says for almost every map i am using everything correctly the fatgirl 88.0 black ops 3 repack and still im getting missing large machine gun error etc is there any fix for this that can work?