Release Aurora Free - Free Legit Cheat CSGO / Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory


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In cheat there are languages Eng/Rus

Sections: visuals, glow (stroke), clock (fill).
View opponents through walls
Indicators of health, weapons, ammunition, etc.
Visualization of steps (sound esp)
View items on the ground
Customize colors
Bypass recording on video and streams

legit bot, trigger bot
Select the speed of aiming at the enemy
Fine-tuning to the nearest part of the body (nearest), the choice of the guidance zone
The delay before the shots, after the murder
Silent aimbot, setting the switch on the number of shots
Backtrack, display with casev (visuals)
Aimbot through wall, auto fire and other filters
Customizable trigger bot

basic settings, settings for the type of weapon
Guidance zone selection
Flexible adjustment of the aimbot on different types of guns
Flexible adjustment of guidance on different parts of the body
Setting up real and fake antiaims angles
Auto Shocker and other filters

Customize skins for all weapons, knives, gloves
Customize stickers on different weapon slots
StatTrak and other filters for items
Different filters for labels

change profile, change medals
Change of rank in competitive modes (mm/teammates)
Change profile level (rank)
Changing the number of wins
Change in the number of estimates received
Add, change medals by medal ID

Of legit antyime and configure the use
Package and configuration
Anti-kick works in a usual mode
Bhop (auto jump)
Display enemy ranks
Auto-acceptance of the game
Other settings

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This is only the free version, right? It isnt private cracked or something?