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    From my personal experience, I would say Unity would the best most simple P2C to use, but it has been known to be a bad and a man by the name cra0 reverse engineered and said steam could simply just add /unityhacks/ to their csgo address space.

    Quote from Cra0
    I don't really know about all of this, but the owner of Unityhacks, Phil, said there's no need to worry, cra0 is butthurt that he got demoted.


    Interwebz is one of the most known P2C out there for its wide range of members, it comes with many features that other hacks do not; Air Stuck (Unity has it, but it's an untrusted feature so only support leaders can use it, with risk of course). But Air Stuck on Interwebz hasn't been an issue for me yet.

    Interwebz is a bit more expensive, but you can personally ask the admin "NOC" and he gives out 48 hour trials, other than that, it's around 20 euros for a month whilst Unity is 14 euros for a month.

    Interwebz has a menu which you can customize unlike other P2C or cheats, but a CON for me would be the Skin Changer, you have to be holding the weapon out to be able to change the skin, and you have to enter the Skin's Seed. (Unity doesn't require seed or to be holding the gun)


    Are they Currently Detected? No, and if it was the loader wouldn't allow you to inject, and your subscription can be asked to be placed on hold.

    When did they both last get detected? 16 months ago

    As you should already know, you'll require a FAT32 drive, either Format your Drive or use a USB. Unityhacks has a public program made by one of the Support Leaders/Admins which creates a virtual drive (For those who don't know how to do it on their computer without a program). My video tutorial on it is here: [MEDIA=youtube]LITwarP4nj0[/MEDIA]
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    lol. This made me laugh. Unity's community and GUI are great. Their cheat sucks. INTERWEBZ is toxic and **** anyways as long as with Aimware. I'd recommend Iniuria to be honest. The best all around if you need to pay for your cheats. I use my private but meh
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    Leakforums is bae no need 2 pay for **** that is popular unless the security is like hella good
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    GL Getting cracked CS:GO cheats on LF - easy way to get your pc hijacked

    As to add on to this thread;
    Aimware is shite, gets detected every few weeks and their aimbot is ****. Half of the features that they all you to use are detected ( for hvh) and the ones that aren't are ****.
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