CabConModding FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I delete my account?
  • How can I delete a thread?
    • Go to the thread you would like to delete. Click on 'Thread Tools' which you can find in the right top next to 'Watch Thread'. Select 'Delete Thread' and enter your reason. Subsequently click 'Delete Thread' to confirm your action.
  • Am I allowed to sell items?
    • You aren't allow to sell items or offer services without Premium Membership or a permission from the Staff Team. You can get this permission with an application which you need to post here.
  • Where can I change my name?
    • You can change your name just by contacting us. Create a thread with your new name in our talk to the staff section. Be sure that your new name isn't already taken. You can check that here: Find Member
  • How can I join the Modder Group?
    • The Modder Group is a group (in form of a rank) of verified members who are modding. You can join this Group by applying in our talk to the staff section.
  • How to apply for a Staff Position?
    • You can apply for a staff position here.

This FAQ is subject to change in the future.
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