Question Can I order and buy a custom mod here?


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Hello to everyone reading this.

I would like to have a mod made for me that effects the movement and some settings in multiplayer; custom match & unranked dedicated servers.

I want to start my own competitive league in BO3 on PC and need the movement adjusted (probably multiple times so I can play test it and see how it feels). So there needs to be revisions made to the mod after it's "finished". I require someone long-term to stick around and help tune it. I don't know the going rate for something like that but I'm happy to pay for the services, just give me an offer.

Below is the changes I want made. (I don't know how much of the games code can be changed/added but let me know if something like this is possible or needs some variation)

Needs to have:
- Wall running attached to a meter (like the thrusters). So no unlimited wall running and it needs to recharge; I was thinking 5 secs of wall running and 3 secs to recharge. After the 5 seconds is up the player would fall off until it's recharged.
- No thrusters
- No double jumping
- Slide enabled (Keep it the same)
- Specialists disabled (I know this is a in-game setting but I would rather have it be in the mod)

I would also like to know how many things can be changed in one mod (because you can only load one at a time).

Thanks for reading! :smile: