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Hello all, as you guys may have seen the Sesh Hooks project is an amazing menu. I'd like to port this over to other games and start releasing cheats. Please don't give me any games with Battle Eye protection since I'm not giving my bypass out, nor another CoD game. Another thing to the game most support Direct X. PC ONLY.

The only CoDs I'll be supporting:

Full = Full Cheat. All games supported by Steam.
  • COD4 Full
  • MW2 Full with iw4x
  • MW3 Full with Tekno Gods, and Pluto
  • BO1 ESP / Radar / No Spread / No Recoil
  • BO2 ESP / Radar / No Spread / No Recoil with anti SS. Supporting Redacted full.
If you would like to make a request, I'll add it to a poll. Nothing is 100% guaranteed your idea will actually happen, this just tells me what you guys want.

Follow this Template:

Game Popularity:
Why you want a cheat for it:

Looking forward to what you guys are wanting next. :smile: