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I run some servers over on plutonium for SnD. I have recently been very intrigued with the custom GSC game modes for Black Ops 2 that have come out over the years. There are some very cool modes such as prop hunt, freeze tag, etc... I'm making this post to see if I can group up some people who know how to code GSC, know how to mod, love bo2, & wanna help revive the bo2 servers a bit. I've talked with some of the people who made these game modes way back then as well as talked to some of the people currently developing. Based on these talks I have started to collect some resources on how to rebuild these game modes. I'm putting everyone who wants to help into my discord with a private chat/role so that collaboration can happen and an easy place to share my resources. Especially with the added support and continued support of the development of mod tools & plugins for bo2 pluto I'd love to get an amazing group of people together and make some of the coolest custom stuff around for plutonium If you'd be interested in helping please add me on Discord @ Munnopoly or join the server @
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. Some of the custom game modes can be found in the screenshot I shared. There is more than that floating around as well. I will pay for all server hosting! Anyone is welcome to join!


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