Error loading fastfile 'en_zm_beach': Fastfile archive checksum (0xB425573A 0x40603FE2 0x49F6F169 0x


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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, modding and Black Ops 3 (I know i'm a couple years late, but I've been busy okay!) and I cannot for the life of me get any mods to work other than a simple menu for zombies. I just really want to enjoy custom zombies and mods, and I feel like I've exhausted my options .

I have tried multiple custom maps, and other mods, only to receive a similar error code to this:
Error loading fastfile 'en_core_mod': Fastfile archive checksum (0x5AFFBD78 0xCCC83871 0x205192D9 0x2AB0E985) does not match executable nor any permissible
Except the highlighted text is different for each mod. I installed the maps on my own (Using Black ops 3 RLD)

What I've done:
  • Restarted my computer.
  • Looked over dozens and dozens of steam, Reddit and forum topics trying to solve the problem by doing solutions to other problems such as verifying the integrity of the game files and etc.
  • Re-installed the game.
  • Verified integrity another dozen times...
  • Deleted and re-installed mods.
At this point I really have no idea what to do, hopefully someone can help me out. I saw that in another topic someone suggested it doesn't support my country but every single popular custom zombies map and mod doesn't support the United States? That can't be possible.

If anyone can give me any help or guidance that would be awesome, thanks again.

Here are some examples of the errors I receive: