Tutorial How To Add Bot In IW4x After Updated !


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Hello Guys,

Today i present a tutorial for add a bots for news update on IW4x client !
This tutorial it's not difficult (even a Fortnite player can make it) I'm so sorry Fortnite players, I am so bad, no I love humor xD

For the Tutorial, Follow my step below or Watch My Video On the Spoiler :grinning:
I tried several mod and not much thing works, I watch it on youtube so I share it
I hope this will help you

Step 1: Open All folders until ".iwd"
need absolutely Winrar or 7Zip

Step 2: open or create a mods folder
and create a new folder in
mods folder and put the folders
"scripts" & "bots"

Step 3: Run The Game !

Command: Open the Bot Menu "5"
Close the bot menu "5"
Naviguate: Z,Q,S,D

Enjoy !

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