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How To Install/Use SPRX (DEX Only)

Discussion in 'Tutorial Section' started by Syndicate, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Syndicate

    Syndicate Modder

    This Tutorial Will Explain How To Install SPRX Menus, This Tutorial Is Aimed At Dex Users, CEX Users Will Have To Reassign Eboots!.

    Multiman Will Be Our File Manager We Will Be Using

    Link To Multiman
    1. Once You Have Installed The pkg Using Package Files In The XMB, Launch Up The Application.
    2. Once Loaded Press L1 Or R1 Until You Reach Multimans XMB.
    3. Scroll Over To File Manager (On Far Left)
    4. Open Up Your USB Device Containing Your .SPRX and Eboot You Want To Install
    5. Locate "tmp" in dev_hdd, Place The SPRX File In Here!
    6. Once You Have Done This, Go To The Games USR Directory e.g dev_hdd/game/BLUS01717/USR/
    Place The Eboot In Here, It Will Overwrite The Original Eboot.

    Thanks For Reading, If Their Is Any You Don't Understand, Feel Free To Message Me and I Will Try To Explain Better!
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