Release Icebreaker V4 Public Release - BO3 GSC Zombies Menu


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So far the only public version of Icebreaker was V1 which got leaked ages ago. Other than that, the menu was an Infinity Loader Exclusive, meaning you could only inject it if you paid for injection time on that client. I did this originally for source protection, but now I've decided to release the menu free & open sourced as well.

You're going to need the T7 Compiler by Serious in order to use it.
The download for the menu is on my Discord server.
The link to that server, as well as a Tutorial on how to use it, and how to download T7 Compiler, is all in this video below

I could have attached the .GSCC file here, but I am always working on it and the menu is never really "done" so to speak. Whatever I left here could have been pretty outdated within a month. But the newest stuff will always be on the Discord Server.

Also, here is the source of the menu as well. I can't stop people from skidding. But if you have any dignity then credit me for the functions I have made in the menu.
Most of the ones I made myself start with "Ice_".
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Also thanks to Serious, Sinful, NotEmoji, Leafized, CF4, Zomboss, and many others who helped since 2020 when I first started the V1 that got leaked lol.
I appreciate the people that allowed me to learn and now allow others to learn from me.