Question In need of Xbox 360 offset

Pyrex BLJ

im done :)
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i was wondering if someone with an Xbox 360 can help me find an offset i need for my tool, i released it a few days ago only for ps3 but i would like to adapt it to Xbox so suit the needs of as many people possible, i did a fair amount of google searching beforehand so if you somehow find it through that then ur google skillz are clearly superior to mine lol. here s the offset on ps3 and a description of what it does:

0x027078BA - in the create a class menu this offset is the primary weapon of class number 1 if you have nothing in the primary slot it is 0x03 then varies depending on what weapon you have in there

in this image the red dot is the specific offset i need, in between the green dots is the start of the name of class number 1 (maybe can be used as a reference?) on ps3


if someone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated and i will be sure to credit you in the next update of the tool :smile:

Thanks in advance -Pyrex BLJ