Preview MW2 Custom Killstreaks Mod


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As you may already know, IW4X, the latest MW2 multiplayer client, includes 'Zonebuilder', which allows you to add into the game new models, animations and more. Therefore I upgraded my custom killstreaks mod which I posted long time ago in youtube and added a lot of new killstreaks which I didn't expect or even imagine would be possible before I tried this client.
The mod divides the killstreaks into strike packages like in MW3 (Assault, Support and Specialist), and includes the following killstreaks: Reaper, C130 Airstrike, Littlebird, Jet Pilot, Blackhawk Minigun, Ballistic Vest, Airdrop Trap, Attack Dogs, Remote Sentry, Sam Turret, Juggernaut, Escort Airdrop, M.O.A.B.
Here is a gameplay of the mod showing all of these killstreaks:

I run a server with this mod in IW4X, the server is not 24/7 online but when it is online, I post his IP in here.
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