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Hello guys :handwaving:,
I know, not much people know it but yeah :innocent:! Overwatch got Chat Commands! Here is a list of all current available chat commands. (Be sure to reply below when I forgot one:wink:)

How to use them?
Simple write the name and the arguments in the chatbox!

List of commands
  • /all or /a or /general - Switch to general chat
  • /accept - Accept the current group invite
  • /customgame or /cg - Switch to custom game chat
  • /decline - Decline the current group invite
  • /group or /g or /p - Switch to group chat
  • /leave - Leave your group
  • /leavechannel - Leave the current channel
  • /list - List all players in your channel
  • /logout - Log out of the game
  • /match or /m - Switch to match chat
  • /reply or /r - Reply to last player
  • /spectate - Spectate a friend
  • /team or /t - Switch to team chat
  • /invite - Invite player to your group
  • /joinchannel or /join - Join a channel
  • /kick - Remove player for your group
  • /leader or /promote - Give leader status to a member of your group
  • /removefriend - Remove friend from your friendlist
  • /whisper or /w or /send or /tell - Send message to a player
  • /hidechat - Hide chat

Thanks for reading and happy playing!

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Thanks Swammy! Great list of commands. I will share this with my friends as they are keep searching
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