Play Destiny online(DEX/Webman users only)(NO BAN)


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Hello guys here I have a small tutorial for how to play Destiny online for DEX users using Webman!
I have been testing this method now since 1.07 TU has been out and haven't had any issues at all!
***I tested this on CFW (4.65 D-REX) and (4.65 PS3ITA) has not been tested on any other FW but I'm sure if your DEX and you can change your debug settings and start games using the latest version of Webman then it will work fine***
***You must be DEX***

1.) First things first make sure you have the latest version of Webman (you can find it here)
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2.) After Webman has been updated open it up and you have to set your console ID in Webman and disable syscalls(on start-up) etc. (See a picture here how it should look) -->
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***Don't forget to 'check' the two boxes for (disabling syscalls and delete history) and check the box 'IDPS' next to your cid as well as shown in picture*** Once done with setting your cid and checking your two boxes go all the way to bottom of page and click save then it will have you restart your console

3.) Once your console boots back up you want to go to your debug settings *Change 'Boot Mode: Release Mode' and change 'Network Settings for Debug: Dual Settings' After you change both debug setting you want to shut off your console and turn it back on for the settings to be set! (They should look like this) -->
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*Sorry for the crappy photos*

4.) Now once you have done those steps you may now start Destiny using Webman (DO NOT sign in to PSN yet)

5.) Start game it may need to update/install, etc. let it do its thing it may take a moment for it to update and install if need be!!! ***Make sure you DON'T sign in to PSN until the game asks you to sign in***

6.) Bam! Done!

***Make sure your using the correct game region as well as the correct region for your PSN Account***

Thanks guys, if you have any questions add me on Skype and I'll help!

*** CREDITS : _HURT_ & my boy xX__MARX__Xx ***