Resident Evil 3.5 Code: Madman Currently In Development


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I am an old school Hardcore survival horror fan,so when projects such as Resident Evil 3.5 Code: Madman surface in development i immediately go insane :wink:

As some of you may know,the original Resident Evil 3.5 was cancelled and many aspects of the game was changed which gave us the official Resident Evil 4,a game programmer by the name of ShiguWorks has taken the task of developing a fan made Resident Evil 3.5,obviously all the models and anis have been extracted from other Resident Evil titles,but this project is a must see for any old school survival horror fan,fingers crossed,when the demo is released Capcom do not issue a cease and desist order.

Here are videos uploaded by the developer,they are in order,from oldest to most recent:

This was gameplay of the original Resident Evil 3.5 by Capcom: