Release RPC For all Updates 1.14+



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Hey NGU!

Rather than update my Remote Procedure Call tool each time an update is released, I decided to just make a DLL for it that will work regardless of update. When initialized, it finds the fog function and overwrites it with my RPC function. This one, unlike my previous RPC DLL, can take 3 types of arguments - int, uint, or string.

How to add the DLL to a C# project

1. Download my DLL.
2. In Visual C#, click on the project tab and then select "Add Reference".
3. Click the browse tab. Find the DLL you downloaded and click OK.

How to initialize the DLL

1. In your code, go to your function that connects to the PS3 and attaches the process.
2. After the part of code that attaches process, add this line:


This will locate the function R_SetFrameFog and replace it with my RPC function. For 1.14, it will initialize quickly. For future updates, it may take a few seconds to initialize because it has to find the function.

Once you have done this, the RPC function is ready to go.

How to call a function

To call a function, you need to use the following code:

BO2.RPC.Call(uint func_address, arguments);

Here's a few examples:

BO2.RPC.Call(0x349B8C, 0, 0, "O \"^2Test!\"");       //this calls SV_GameSendServerCommand

BO2.RPC.Call(0x3139A8, 0, "set cg_fov 90");       //this calls CBuf_AddText

BO2.RPC.Call(0x2A8044, 0x177B828, 1, 0);       //this calls G_GivePlayerWeapon (and gives default weapon)

When a function is called, it returns an integer value. If you want to get the return value, do it like so:

int returnVal = BO2.RPC.Call(0x275A04, "This is a string");     //Calls G_LocalizedStringIndex and assigns it's return value to returnVal


-aerosoul94 for showing me how to take different argument types and giving me his library for importing PS3 target manager functions


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Note: PS3 Target Manager must be installed on your computer or this will not work.

Enjoy =D