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Starh's Little Update.

Discussion in 'Introduction Area' started by Starh, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Starh

    Starh #include stdafx.h Premium Member

    Hello all, as some of you guys already have known me I actually left the cheating scene / gaming / coding a while ago due to depression. I'm however back now, and have been building an amazing project for over a few months now with a mate of mine who's just came back.

    I've been coding since I was 13 (I started in 2013) with basic Lua for a Garry's Mod server and did some Python classes. Then I met a guy on MW3 and he made some cool tools I thought, and I bought them. Those were written in C#, therefore I decided to decompile his tools, and learned how to do everything. I've used many forums learning, same for reading books and watching guides on how to do things. I like .net framework a lot since VB.net is also very similar. Problem is you can't really secure it so I just make free programs in .net framework now just since it's easy. Perfect beginners language.

    (Early 2014) Then when I got the hang of all of that, I decided to go in deeper. Learned how to find my own offsets, learning how to dump things, learning how to use debuggers and IDA. Out of the years, I've been practicing this, I've learned a lot about cracking and security as well. It's definitely a fun job to do if you ever have time and care to learn.

    In 2015, I started taking IT classes, earning certifications for networking, security, and hardware. Computers really fascinated me and they still do. I then got into learning Linux, and how it all functions. Basic commands, and just expanding my knowledge. Started using Ubuntu, then moved to Mint, then Redhat, then I use Kali Linux now. I however rarely use Linux nowadays because I don't have much use for it.

    Then around 2016, I learned PHP, SQL, and still am learning CPP to this day. In 2016 I met a guy named Hyodoessi and we were in a Skype group with some of the greatest programmers of all time for cheats. Like Kenshin13 and a lot of others. This is when my Aesir Cheats project started. Then my very first program that was actually good, and had tons of hard work spent got cracked. Since I trusted the wrong person since it originally was a private pay to cheat and still was in process of being built. It was my mistake for trusting the wrong guy and for not using an actual packer rather than using a cracked version of Win License.

    Then in 2017, I took time learning more on expanding my knowledge and becoming better at everything overall. I started a new project which was originally called Alaska17, and then life came up for Hyodessi and me. I suffered major depression mid-way through the year and that's when I quit literally everything and started making music since that's all that made me feel better. Later in 2017, I decided to come back and continue to build the Alaska17 project since it's been 4 months since I last programmed, and good thing I took notes on my code otherwise haha I would have no idea what the heck was going on. Stil haven't seen Hyodessi and he was my only real friend I trusted him and I went from late 2015 - Now. I thought he was gone for good since he's been gone for over 6 months with no message, and no login.

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