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Article Symfony 4 | Installation

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Matt, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Matt

    Matt <?= "PHP Developer" ?> Staff Member

    Symfony 4 - Introduction and Installation
    Note: This is not an official guide to install Symfony. I do not hold any licenses or rights towards Symfony. I am not affiliated with Fabien and/or the Symfony trade-mark in any way shape or form; I thought this would be helpful to be shared here :smile:. (Pls don't sue me <3 )
    Note: To install Symfony 4 you need to make sure you're able to run Symfony 7.1+ and have access to Composer.

    1) Open up your command line
    1.1) Using Composer type the following command
    composer create-project symfony/skeleton [*PATHNAME] 
    *PATHNAME being where you want your project to be installed, starting from \User\.
    2) Now write the following command in to your command line:
    cd [*PATHNAME]
    php bin/console server:run
    This will run your Symfony project using PHP's inbuilt web server.

    And that's it! Symfony installed in two-simple steps. There is much more to Symfony than what meets the eye, with Symfony4 just being released 30/11/17 I can't wait for what people manage to create!

    If you want more in-depth and professional/certified tutorials please check out KNP University, their resources are amazing for web-development.
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    nice :y:
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