User Ran Groups (On-forum currency addition)


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Just remembered this system that was pretty good on LF - user-ran groups on the forum.

Basically, however the user accumulates points they can put towards making a group. 1500 points to make the group, max 10 members, each member upgrade costs 200 additional points and allows more members to be apart of. The person who makes the group will be made the owner of that group, will handle all recruitment ect.

Some groups will be more private/exclusive than others and some will be more prestigious. EG. Someone could purchase a group and only allow "good" modders in to it, or ones who are more apt at what they do. Other groups could be for other things, eg. gambling or just friends in general.

Each group will have their own colour for their names, like how premium has Yellow and modder has Pink. The owner of the group should be able to chose what colour their group "owns". Members of the group will also be able to get a custom title - like how mine is "Rastaman". Additionally, if possible - they would be able to get labels next to their name, abit like on sites like NGU and LF (infact, we have them for staff member^^), but custom ones. Ofcourse, these would be heavily moderated so no one has like a penis with their group name on it.

I think this is a good system because it encourages more people to post on the forum and it adds another use for the credit system and more reason for it to be implemented. Ofcourse someone is going to argue the point that people would spam for credits, but I believe that was solved on the other thread.

Just my thoughts, would be a really cool feature for the community <3

- Matt