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  • Hello, I have a cracked version outside of Steam, can someone add to my cracked version all of the beerkat and chewing gums, I hope you will reply to me
    Yo bro! Been a long time if it’s the OG vampytwist I used to game with and Skype back in the day! Let me know if this is you!
    Hi friend. Help me please
    I have black ops 3 in Spanish because I am from Spain and ... the customs maps do not work, I did everything well correct that of the zone and the folders but it still does not work. My suggestion is if I necessarily have to have it in English the game? Or are there ways that I don't know and you can play in Spanish?
    Hi vampytwist, can you reupload motd remastered, because the 2017 post file is no longer available.

    I can´t dowload any of the maps uploaded on mega, all of them exceed the bandwith limit, i beg you, upload your maps in a server with no limitations such as mediafire please
    wait 5 hours and 30 minute then it will complete
    But you must make the page open
    vampy pleaaase upload black ops 3 world war II D-Day map
    The re- imagined one? Thats on there but for me I get a cannot read fastfile error. Does it work for you?
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