1. Bambus

    Release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Adresses (Tested & working 26/4/19)

    I went around and collected some Adresses... so here they are: [Sidenote: This is an exact copy of a private File for IW Adresses. If something is unclear i'm ready to help.) XP: 145EC3EC6 (4 Bytes) Prestige: 145EC3ECA (Byte) [Max. 30] Wins: 145EC373D (4 Bytes) Losses: 145EC5069 (4 Bytes)...
  2. xCometMods

    Discussion BO2 Steam Managed Address / Source Thread

    Black ops 2 Steam Managed Address List This is a thread where you can post your addresses for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam. Please find out if the codes accually work before you post them. And to set a good example I will post a few of my addresses for zombies: Player health: 021C5869 INT...
  3. G

    Release 1.24 Correct Offsets

    Hey Guys, I created this thread so that members in this section could have correct working offsets. All of these have been tested and confirmed by me and xKtF. Lets try to get this thread stickied to help the community God Mode Use FF for god mode, 00 to take it off Offset: 0x0FCA41E + (0x280...