black ops 2 gsc

  1. D

    Question GSC script error

    **** 1 script error(s): **** Unresolved external : "true" with 5 parameters in "maps/mp/_development_dvars.gsc" at line 1 **** this is supposed to give me gold camo but gives an error: self giveweapon(CurWeapon, 0, true(15, 0, 0, 0, 0)); Im using infinity loader on b02
  2. 4_4ck3r

    Release Black Ops 2 Naga Mod Menu | Version Beta 1.1

    ----Naga Mod Menu---- By 4_4ck3r (me) Version : Bêta 1.1 --------------------------- Direct Links : >>Mega<< >>Mediafire<< --------------------------- Logs Update
  3. Zingychief74

    Release Zingy V3 Mod Menu Xbox, ps3, and PC

    This is a update to the Zingy V2 mod menu. This update has a lot new features, If you have any problems with this menu message me on Instagram: Zingy_chief47 or just reply to this thread. New features - New Models - New Options in Fun Menu - Bullets Menu - Trickshot menu - New Spawnables -...
  4. Zingychief74

    Release Zingy V2 Mod Menu (Beta) Xbox, ps3, and pc

    Hello everyone, this is a update to the Zingy V1 mod menu. This version has a good amount of new features that V1 didn't have. If you want to give me ideas of features to add just comment on this thread. Examples of new features I added > New aimbot type > Fov Menu > Stats Menu > More client...
  5. Zingychief74

    Release Black Ops 2 Mod Menu Zingy V1 (Beta)

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to release a mod menu iv been working on (This is my first bo2 gsc menu). It has all client options, spawnables and much more. The showcase link is -
  6. asdfgh789

    Question BO2 mod error

    Hello Whenever ı use any mod into redacted black ops 2 it gives always a script error like this way MEGA can anyone help me about it i use lots of multiplayer mod but in all of them ı m taking error
  7. Bossnagev420

    Answered Please Help me with a slide

    Hey ppl so im making a copy paste menu for me and a friend and i wanted to add a slide and when i want to inject it in my game it says that i have a bad syntax at line 1837 would be awsome if somebody could help me
  8. Slander

    Answered Disco Camo Script W/ Toggle?

    Hello, does anyone have a GSC script of Disco Camo that is able to be turned on AND off?
  9. F

    Release Catastrophic Menu Base [BO2/GSC](ZM/MP)

    Hello CabCon, Today im releasing a my menu base, been working on this for a while and i feel its my best base to date, i hope you all enjoy it and if you have any problems feel free to message me :grinning:. Source Features Credits
  10. U

    Answered How to use GSC shaders?

    Can Anyone Explain How To Add Picture To My Gsc Menu
  11. candy

    Release Cabcon's COD4 Menu Base - Ported

    Cabcon released this base for cod4 back in 2014, and I'm pretty bored so I thought I'd start porting some bases. Starting off with this one... In all its just a simple menu, the original version didn't have a verification system or a players menu.. So I went ahead and add those.
  12. CabCon

    Tutorial GSC Studio - How to inject GSCR menus for Black Ops 2? - Tutorial

    We will update this thread as soon as possible.
  13. oVitality

    Answered Need help coding a "Controls list Box" for my menu!

    Here is an example of what i am talking about: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  14. DF_AUS

    GSC Cinematic Mod Menu preview

    Hello CCM :grinning: I started working on this menu months back and only recently started working on it again,it has very simple visuals,i dislike big menus :y: Not sure if i will release it when complete,if i have time to make some cool stuff maybe i will release,maybe not,will see: #Update...
  15. ZoneAye

    Outdated Black Ops 2 Offhost Menu Base Release

    This menu base was made by me please use it to make something awesome it has no stolen or leaked code aka no xecheats in it i don't care if you give me credit or not. This source is very clean and very easy to understand if you don't know C or C++ or a little bit of PPC please don't try this I...
  16. Xx-GIPPI-xX

    Release [RELEASE/GSC]1.19 Black Ops 2 Zombie Mod Menu Campa v1.0

    Hi Cabconmodding people Today i release my private gsc I've used for a long time.... Download: HERE Sorry for quality of video:sal: Thanks/credits to: Zeiiken (for menu base) Cabcon ( for some functions) and ALL i...
  17. A

    GSC [BO2 1.19][PS3/XBOX/PC] Hells Vengeance Zombies Menu [HUGE]

    Hi CabconModding i am new here and i am usually on nextgenupdate posting menus made by me, but anyways i wanted to release my zombies menu Hells Vengeance v2. Credits: videos: Pictures: Downloads: Hope You Guys Enjoy The Menu!
  18. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 GSC Decompiled Raw Dump +Download

    Black Ops 2 Decompiled Download New Versions (2020) Full GSC Dump (SP, MP, & ZM scripts) Trimmed GSC Dump (Only MP & ZM scripts) Important GSC file _globallogic.gsc: