black ops 3 script questions

  1. Hentgvd

    Answered Update Prestige/ Scoreboard ingame ?

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im currently working on my Mod Menu. When i Change Prestiges it doesnt get shown in the scoreboard nor the Player Names. The Prestige that i've set will only be visible in the pause screen. After the match it does stick. I included " uploadstats &...
  2. T

    Answered How do I display the weapon strings in a mod menu? Black Ops 3 GSC Script

    So I have been trying (and failing) to get this menu I'm making to list the weapons automatically via an array. Problem is, the weapon name is blank in the menu but if I click the option it will still give the weapon. Below is what my script looks like right now. standard =...
  3. Alexisloic21

    Answered Black Ops 3 GSC Script - How to use SetRoundsPlayed() function?

    Hello I am trying to find out how I can set the round to the player I have to use this function but it does not work : SetRoundsPlayed(<value>) thanks for reply