1. avocadro

    Question Ive been having a issue with black ops 2 redacted version

    The error message is "Fatal error (0xc0000025) at 0xc7760b52 ask for help on" , Can anyone help with this please
  2. L

    BO2 zombies never sprint mod?

    Is there a mod/script or mod menu that allows you to prevent zombies from sprinting for the whole game? Like just have them only walk and run (walk only can work too)? The mod menus with "slow zombies" settings only seem to work for the current wave. I like to play solo and zone out while...
  3. CabCon

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Pre Alpha Version Footage of Maps and Menus +Video

    Hello guys :hi:, today I found that on YouTube! An early build of bo2 almost a year before release. Most maps are untextured and have different layouts. Quite interesting to watch :) Enjoy! What me really made me think is who the YouTuber is? And from where he got the footage? If anyone...
  4. A

    Preview Project Alien V1 (Preview)

    This is Just a little GSC menu i have been working on for a little over a month now. Its coming along fine i just need to add about 4 or 5 more sub menu options. I have taken inspiration from a lot of different menus and menu bases. I will release a full list of credits when i get around to...
  5. Reezh16

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GSC/GSCR Mod Menu Solitary by Reezh +Download

    BO2 GSC/GSCR MENU: Solitary by Reezh (final Release) Download includes: Console/GSC/GSCR/PC. Solitary Updates: Solitary by Reezh, has only been updated on the days i had free time(dates in READ.txt file). And since Blackops 2 is pretty much dead and ruined by non hosts or is just impossible to...
  6. 115sparkles

    Release BO1 Style Silver M1911 for Zombies

    heyo ^-^ So again, I was bored and decided to whip up another little thing that may be appreciated by someone somewhere. Screenshots below: simple texture replacement for the M1911 that makes it look like the classic silver BO1 M1911. Everything is silver and the grip is black ^^ As you can...
  7. L

    Question Black Ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu Problem

    When I use my mod menu every map works just fine... but when I start Origins it shows a black screen, plays the music, and just stays there.
  8. sprx

    Release [PS3] ViralModdingTeam RTM Source

    Hello, I recently Sold my PS3 and am currently done modding on it. I am releasing all my Source/Self-Cracked Applications! This RTM Tool is created by "ViralModding" and I got bored and decided to release the source for people to learn or have fun with I guess. GitHub: sprxsh (SPRX.SH) ·...
  9. xTiibo

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GSC Gamemode RP Jailbreak by xTiibo +Download

    Hello Cabcon Modding, today I release my RP gamemode entitled Jailbreak. This gamemode is based on the gamemode Murder with one more element that consists of escaping from the map, therefore I did map edits. Requirement: Objective: Map animations: Know bugs: - if someone joins...
  10. Iwau

    Preview Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Insidious Remake Menu | [XBOX/PS3/PC]

    Hello CabConModding! In this thread I will be showcasing my latest project, I've been working on. Insidious Remake Credits StonedYoda Matrix Mods Candy
  11. The Dark Side

    Question Possible to Mod gsc's in the game?

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if it was possible to mod the game's gsc files like _globallogic in Redacted. The one's from the dump aren't clean enough to use, since they were decompiled too roughly. If anyone knows where to find them, PM me the link Or please link them here. Really looking...
  12. Y

    Question [Redacted BO2] sound bank failed to load zmb_patch.all. You have a build problem.

    When I have injected a gsc to ZM/MP, and then start the game, at the loading screen somewhere, I crash. Yes, I am using a PC gsc file, not an console one. I did rename _cilentids_pc.gsc to _cilentids.gsc...
  13. R

    GSC Simple, Small Menu Base!

    Menu Base: I was making a simple SnD menu until I got bored of it, so I converted it to a base and now releasing it. Enjoy :)
  14. oVitality

    Answered How to blur the background when the menu is open?

    Example of what i am looking for: Just the line of code would be nice, thank you! :smile:
  15. dhjsu

    Question Error gsc studio!

    Soo i used the gsc studio about 2 days and then i closed the gsc studio and i tried to reconnect to the Redacted version of Bo2 and gave me this error, it says,"an unhandled exception occurred in the application.If u click in continue,the application ill ignore..."and i saw other peopel with the...
  16. I

    Anybody doing unlock all lobby's on steam?

    Any unlock all lobby's on bo2 steam
  17. P!X

    Release [GSC/Menu Base]xePixTvx V18

    I wanted to recreate the whole menu for Bo2 but after finishing the base i lost motivation :disappointed: I dont know if its stable if not im sorry. DOWNLOAD Download(other link)
  18. Slander

    Release Slander's BO2 GSC Mod Site

    The contents on this site have already been released, this is just a unified site I made to house them all in a repository. Haven't released anything for awhile because of personal reasons but I am slowly getting back into GSC modding. I thought I could throw together a little site to house...
  19. I

    Question Does Anyone Have Any Idea To Make A BO2 Non-Host

    If anyone could help me make a BO2 offhost ill put you in the credits of the menu :) because ive made a few GSC menu but making a off-host is kinda confusing and i know someone out there is smarter then me and they could help me with it, i would be very thankful - Rex