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  1. CabCon

    Tutorial Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download

    Hello guys, in this tutorial I want to assist every old GSC coder from a older Call of Duty. I will show you here how to make a zombie mod which will call a function on any spawn of the player. You can continue with your code after that. :grinning: So let's get started. Video version of this...
  2. CabCon

    Preview Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Mod Menu by CabCon | First Preview

    Hello everyone, today I will share you my first zombie try! :grinning: This menu simple have some basic options and a dead barrier remove! :grinning: I will release everything at the weekend! :grinning: Stay active :heart:! Preview Credits CabCon Download I'm sorry, this menu is no longer...