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Hello guys,
in this tutorial I want to assist every old GSC coder from a older Call of Duty. I will show you here how to make a zombie mod which will call a function on any spawn of the player. You can continue with your code after that. :grinning: So let's get

Video version of this tutorial:

You want to create a multiplayer mod?
Multiplayer version of this tutorial: Tutorial - Black Ops 3 Multiplayer GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download | CabConModding

  1. First of all you need to download my startup mod file, here.
  2. After you download the file, go to your Black Ops 3 Game file directory. And create a Folder called 'mods' inside of it.
  3. Unpack the download .rar-file and place the folder 'zm_startup_mod' inside of the 'mods' folder.
  4. After that open the folder 'zm_startup_mod' and go to -> scripts\zm\gametypes and open the file '_clientids.gsc'.
  5. Here you can see now the file _clientids.gsc:
    You can start your mod here in the on_player_spawned function. But before I will show you how to load this mod now.
  6. First launch 'modtools_launcher.bat' in the Black Ops 3 directory. And select the following items:
  7. Click on Build and wait while the game is building your mod:
    If you get the done, you can start Black Ops 3!
  8. Go in the Main Menu of it in 'Mods' and select 'zm_startup_mod':
  9. After that start a non-public match:
    You will see that we get our println at every spawn! :grinning: You can start coding your own project now! :grinning: Have fun, happy modding!
That's all I hope this helped everyone to start working with Black Ops 3 Zombie! If you used our tutorial it would be really cool if you give us credits, but you do not need! :grinning: Thank you!

If you have any question, problem or suggestion -> reply below!

Best regards,


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