call of duty

  1. CabCon

    Preview Call of Duty: World War 2 GSC Mod Menu Nautilus All Client + Unlock All

    Hello guys :hi:, today I'm going to share this amazing work created by @ItsFebiven :) It's a all client mod menu for Call of Duty: World War 2 written in GSC. The menu is currently under development and there is currently no download for it. Preview Credits @ItsFebiven (all other people)
  2. imkira3

    Release [PS3] [HEN] [CFW] [CEX] [DEX] [FREE] Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01

    Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (a.k.a. ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01) was officially released one week prior! (Subscribers get faster updates) This Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mod aims to be a userfriendly and universal...
  3. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 GSC Mod Menu All Client TU9(Xbox)/1.2.211(PC Steam) by CF4_99 +Download

    Hello guys, today another amazing mod menu! MW2 Zodiac All Client Mod Menu & Stats for PC and XBOX. Created by @CF4_99! Enjoy! Preview Credits @CF4_99 AgreedBog381 SyGnUs Extinct Serious Liam Smokey xKoVx Daltax(Gave Me The Idea Of Changing The Color Of The Tornado Over Time) Download...
  4. FSFinnerzz

    Release (2021) 0% Ban Rate! BO3 And GTA Modding! Fast and Cheap! Including Liquid Diviniums/All Unlocks/Cryptokeys and Much More! 25% Off When You Vouch!

    The Modding Shop! Why Should You Buy From Us? We have the cheapest prices available! We care about safety! We're the most reliable service out there! We have the quickest service too! Every one of our moderators are open to reply at all times! We have engaging activities in our server! Here's...
  5. BACKUP7147

    Call of Duty Cold War Zombies modded lobbies

    Disclaimer: These are not hard unlocks. ----------------------------------------- Prices for Cold War ----------------------------- Gamer Package: $30 $20 verified Prestige of your choice or Max Prestige/Level 1000. +$5/friend. Regular Gamer Package: $40 $25 verified Prestige of your choice...
  6. T

    [Request] Cod Cold War Skidrow CPY password

    Hello everyone, Someone have a crack or password skidrow CPY for Cod Cold War?... my zone no have permition for survey... a try but...
  7. Ehff

    Cheat request for COD:BLACK OPS 3

    Hey guys does anyone have a dll cheat for black ops 3? Preferably for free as black ops 3 is old and I dont wanna pay for a private cheat. One for multiplayer would be awesome, one that has ESP, aimbot silent aim. Even if it has just ESP it would be awesome ill happily trade a csgo cheat...
  8. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Black Ops 1 GSC iMCSx's Mod Menu Open Source +Download

    Hello guys, today I would love to share this old days black ops 1 menu. Preview Features Credits @ItsFebiven (Porting to IL base) iMCSx maxX8230 Download iMCSx's Mod Menu for Infinity Loader iMCSx's Mod Menu for Mods Folder Virusscan (Check: VirusTotal scan) iMCSx's Mod Menu Happy...
  9. Nilgarf

    Service Cheapest Cold War Recoveries / Unlock Alls

    Hey lads, you may or may not remember me from earlier this year. I did black ops 3 recoveries up until recently. Well Now I'm back and this time I'm offering Call Of Duty Cold War XP lobbies in zombies. What can you get in these lobbies? -Weapon XP and camos -Calling Cards, etc. -Aetherium...
  10. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Zombie SPRX Mod Menu PS3 HEN/CFW by NyTekCFW +Download

    Hello guys :handwaving:, today I would like to share this SPRX mod menu with you. It's not made by me however I think it's one of the best menus out there. Preview Features Here are some basic features listed. However there are a lot more. Check the video or try it out yourself. Main Menu...
  11. CabCon

    Discussion Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War GSC Mods?

    Hey guys :hi:, in this thread I would love to about mods features for Call of Duty: BO Cold War. I think mods are a great extension to a game. However I also know that Activision and Blizzard are probably interested in other things.. :) Some reasons I think mods are great: Community generated...
  12. B

    Release Call of Duty: TecknoMW3 XUID Unbanner Tool 2020 +Download

    Original credit to codmaster for the files. Xuid unbanner without the name change. Inject on or before the main menu and connecting to a server. Works well with most other aimbot/scipts. How to use? Start TecknoMW3 and wait in the main menu. Inject the .dll file to the mw3 process. Join a...

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps Collection
  14. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release My Cod 4 Joker M9 Custom Camo (PC)

    download link and install instructions in video description If you know how to make custom camos for cod mw2 or cod 4 on ps3 dm me
  15. vampytwist

    Giveaway Black Ops 3 Steam Version

    Hey so I am doing a giveaway for a free copy of black ops 3 for steam all you are required to do is like our custom zombies facebook page and be an active member!!!
  16. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release My Cod 4 Sharingan M1911 Custom Camo (PC)

    download link and install instructions in the video description If you know how to make custom camos for cod mw2 or cod 4 on ps3 dm me Top
  17. Extort

    Preview Black Ops 3 [PC/PS4] Recovery Service, Unlock All, Any Level, Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium, FAST & CHEAP [0% BAN CHANCE]

    You can also Purchase Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium either through the Shop or in the discord! Shop (PC)...
  18. A

    Release Call of duty: Black ops 3 custom zombie maps | Wanted

    In a totally wonky and parallel universe, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinsky, Nero Blackstone & Scarlett Rhodes found themselves in a Ghost Town somewhere in Arizona where they are "Wanted" by just about everything that moves. As the synopsys above shows this map was made with fun in mind, not...
  19. A

    Release Call of duty hitmarkers for zombies

    This mod gives you the hitmarkers whenever you damage a zombie with the red marker for kill confirm The good ol' "tap" sound is the bonus Here is a link to the mod's workshop page so you know what it is: WORKSHOP And here's the link to mega: MEGA it's ready no need to put it in zone and...
  20. B

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 PC, PS3, XBOX Mod Menu gsc.cty +Download

    Introducing my new improved GSC menu for Black Ops 1! Thanks to @ImJtagModz this is working for all clients on PS3 & XBOX. Video features some of the important features, everything else is explained in the and the release notes. Link to the Github page with Download...