gsc coding

  1. NightwalkerLots

    Tutorial Create Bot AI for Zombies

    Resources //Needed for most of the function calls done on the bot #include scripts\shared\bots\_bot; #include scripts\shared\laststand_shared; //GSC source for in-game bot code to reference how certain functions can be used t7-source/scripts/shared/bots/_bot.gsc at...
  2. wurstnurst2

    GSC [PC]Private MP GSC Menu Release - Modded Stats + Prestige + more!

    Hello Guys Today im releasing my Private GSC Mod Menu for Multiplayer its still not finished and anyone who might want to help me implement more hit me up on discord :smile: idk where i got the source from but be aware this is not made from scratch just extended It has a lot of Features never...
  3. LittleCham

    Question Looking for tutor to help me make mod menu (PAID)

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me make a mod menu. I am a little slow in the head but i'm not brain dead. I know some simple coding languages like HTML and CSS. Other than that i'm a noob. I'm willing to pay $10 an hour for getting helped. I already have a base but if you have any base...
  4. Littof

    Release GSC Base EnCore V11 Redo By Me

    Hi i redo the base EncoRe V11 Created By @CabCon Discord : Tobirama#5025 Xbox : Tunurs / Littof / Eau1 Original Creator : CabCon
  5. Littof


    Discord : Tunurs#5025 XboxOne : Tunurs/Littof/Eau1 Black And Yellow Base BO2 Ported To BO1 By Me Use Infinity Loader For Make Your BO1 Menu !!:relaxed:
  6. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Zombie EnCoReV8 - Source Code

    Hello cabconmodding :handwaving:, a few days ago someone asked me for the source of my EnCoReV8 Black Ops 1 Zombie Edition. Unfortunately I forgot where he asked me (skype? can't find the chat.., discord!?) so I decided to release it here with the hope that the person will find the source here...
  7. 1

    Question Change Gamertag and Clanting

    Hi everyone, does somebody know how to change the clan- and gamertag with GSC Studio? Best regards
  8. Iwau

    Preview Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Insidious Remake Menu | [XBOX/PS3/PC]

    Hello CabConModding! In this thread I will be showcasing my latest project, I've been working on. Insidious Remake Credits StonedYoda Matrix Mods Candy
  9. Amphium

    Answered GSC code for ufo mode without bind?

    does anyone have a ufo mode script that instead of holding rb to fly it just starts when you enable it? I want it so that when I press dpad left once (not holding) i can fly around and then press it again to exit flying.
  10. S

    Question Show Player Emblem on Screen

    Hello CCM, I was wondering if it was possible to draw the current player's emblem on screen? I have been looking though the gsc dump of BO2 With no succes. Thanks in advance. :P
  11. CabCon

    Tutorial Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download

    Hello guys, in this tutorial I want to assist every old GSC coder from a older Call of Duty. I will show you here how to make a zombie mod which will call a function on any spawn of the player. You can continue with your code after that. :grinning: So let's get started. Video version of this...
  12. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: While, Break and Wait

    This is the next tutorial about basic gsc coding, I´ll explain at first the "while" command, this command what it does is to repeat something continuously (with a wait beetween repetitions). Its structure is the following: while( something ) { WHAT YOU WANT TO REPEAT wait ( THE FRECUENCY YOU...
  13. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: For

    This is the next tutorial about basic GSC coding, this time is about the "for" command. Its use is nearly the same as the "while", it repeats something until you stop it and with a frequency you add, its "basic" structure is the following: for( ; ; ) { CODES wait ( TIME ); } You can add...
  14. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: If, Else and Else If

    Today I am going to explain the "if", "else if" and "else" command. The "if" checks if what its inside it is true or false and if its true, it does what its inside the "if". If what is inside the "if" is false and you have defined a "else", the program will run what you wrote in the else, this 3...
  15. CabCon

    GSC Coding Tutorial List

    Basic GSC Coding: Basic GSC Coding: Functions Basic GSC Coding: Operations Basic GSC Coding: Switch Basic GSC Coding: If, Else and Else If Basic GSC Coding: For Basic GSC Coding: While, Break and Wait General GSC Coding: General GSC Coding: How to create a basic menu base Specifically GSC...