call of duty: black ops 2 scripts questions

  1. n3m3sis28

    Answered Does anybody have the Black Ops 2 XP Lobby GSC script?

    hello does anyone has the bo2 Xp Lobby script
  2. F

    Answered Please tell me how to put BO 2 GSC Co-Host List

    Trying to put Co - Host List and VIP List in GSC will freeze Please tell me who you know
  3. F

    Answered I can not do GSC stealth

    I could not make GSC Stealth Please tell me who knows
  4. rui vieira

    Answered Bo2

    hi guys im trying to make a next page for players menu keeps freezing when i press next page any help will be appreciated hes the code self add_option("PlayersMenu", "[" + verificationToColor(player.status) + "^7] " +, ::submenu, "pOpt " + i, "[" +...
  5. n3m3sis28

    Answered Bo2 Zombieland

    Hello when i install bo2 Zombieland on PS3 the secret places made from carepackes dont show up on the maps can someone help me
  6. n3m3sis28

    Answered gsc studio error

    hello i have projects in my gsc project folder but when i click on open a project it says there are no projects created yet pls help
  7. WECoyote99

    Question Setting up ai types

    So I came across this way on adding ai and was wondering is there a way to add ai types to the maps
  8. M

    Answered BO2 Holding Grenade function

    hello, I was wondering if there is a function or something that checks if you are holding a grenade or cooking a grenade, i want to make a function that allows grenade cancels
  9. Bananapie20

    Question GSC Studio Unknown Error

    Whenever I Inject My Project To Target It Gives Me A Unknown Error.
  10. LelPotato

    Answered Online Mod Menu Not Working

    When I try to load an online game it gets stuck on joining game lobby after I enabled Force Host. If anyone knows why it would be nice if you would share. Thanks.
  11. n3m3sis28

    Question bo2 zombie script error

    hello im making a bo2 zombie mod menu but with the zombue nuketown map i get this error server script runtime error exeeded maximum numbers of child server script variables Terminal script error <ERROR>:0 everytime
  12. A

    Answered Attaching Models To Bus?

    Is it possible to attach a spawned model to the bus so it moves with the bus? Have some pretty great ideas if this is possible.
  13. Pyrex BLJ

    Answered who wanna do me a learn

    I've been trying to make an sprx aimbot for my nonhost, with there being no help online and when asking people for help they either say nothing or look at paradise source (wonder where that would end up :thinking:) If anyone would be willing to help (i understand why most people arent) i would...
  14. Amphium

    Answered GSC code for ufo mode without bind?

    does anyone have a ufo mode script that instead of holding rb to fly it just starts when you enable it? I want it so that when I press dpad left once (not holding) i can fly around and then press it again to exit flying.
  15. n3m3sis28

    Answered Black Ops 2 Zombie GSC - How can I create a welcome message?

    hello does anyone know how to make a welcome mssg for a bo2 zombie menu that shows up in the middle above on the screen when you spawned in the map
  16. n3m3sis28

    Question Black Ops 2 GSC verification script isn't working?

    hello can someone help me im making a bo2 zombie mod menu but there is somthing wrong with the verification script when i give someone cohost he gets a mssg with you have been givin co instead of cohost and he cant open the menu
  17. Pyrex BLJ

    Answered expected an expression

    this in c++ btw. whenever i try to build this sprx menu this line thrown an error just after the = (its the highlighted line) im trying to edit the values in a float for color, I'm not sure why it wont let me change them
  18. Rto

    Answered Anyone have the shaders by hand, for levels in specific. (BO2)(GSC) (not prestiges)

    I am making a level slider based off of CabCons Prestige slider, and if anyone happens to have the level/rank shaders, and if they could help me out, it would greatly appreciated. <3
  19. Rto

    Answered Does anyone know how to add time on BO2 (GSC)

    addtimeshit(time) { level.timeLimitOverride = true; self iprintln("1 Minute Added!"); setgameendtime(GetTime() + time * 1000 ); } This is what I have so far. And i've tried putting the level.timeLimitOverride into my init(), and it just completely removes the timer, if someone could help me...
  20. S

    Question HELP! Visual Studio [Unknown Syntax Error] PS3 RTM

    Hello People! I have a syntax error that I have tried everything to fix. I add public statics to my tool in order to use some functions and one of the statics has a syntax error that makes everything in my tool get the same error. But when i remove it the errors go away! But i need to have it to...