call of duty: wwii

  1. SCP

    Release Call of Duty World War 2 Gameplay Collection Thread

    Hey guys, I'm sure all of you know it already! There are a few gameplays out about the new Call of Duty, Call of Duty World War 2! Here is a small collection of a few gameplays. Feel free to post your ones below that I can add them to the list. YouTube Playlist: Call of Duty: World War 2...
  2. SCP

    Preview Mod Tools for Call of Duty: World War 2?

    Hello guys, today I would love to talk with you about Call of Duty: World War 2 Mod tools support. Do you think they will bring mod tools with their game? Do you think there should come mod tools with it? I'm interested in your replies. Have a good one!
  3. SCP

    Call Of Duty: WW2 Ditching Health Regen, Has Some Form Of Dedicated Classes

    "You have to worry about every bullet," says developer Sledgehammer. Call of Duty: WWII was revealed in a lot more depth yesterday, with developer Sledgehammer Games unveiling the game's release date, special editions, private beta, and first story trailer. Now, more details have emerged...
  4. SCP

    Call of Duty: World War II Confirmed Nazi Zombies! + Headquarters + Private Beta

    You heard that right! At the live stream today on the first ever world reveal. Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield has teased us with a simple image that brings a ton of excitement world wide for those who are crazy for zombies. Here it is! Furthermore, if you pre-order this new game, you gain...
  5. CabCon

    Official Call of Duty: WWII Reveal Trailer - What's your opinion?

    Hello guys, today Activation revealed the next Call of Duty, Call of Duty World War 2. Here is the official reveal trailer: What do you think guys? - Share your opinion below. Best regards, CabCon