1. CabCon

    Discussion Any safe Playstation CID shop?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a CID shop? :) Best regards, CabCon.
  2. Iwau

    Article Iwau's Console ID Shop! ✔️Safe✔️Trusted✔️Satisfaction Guaranteed! ✔️ Cheap Price!

    Welcome To Iwau's Console ID Shop 1 Console Id + Psid Including 1 Month Warranty = 10$ What is a Console Id? Basically every PS3 has a unique console ID that is checked by sony's networks when you sign into PSN. If you are banned from PSN it is highly likely that your PS3's console ID has been...
  3. PassiveModding

    Outdated $9.99 CID+PSIDs || 1 Week Warranty!

    Enjoy Babes! Any questions feel free to ask me or join my discord and ask there: PassiveModding
  4. Harry

    Outdated Profound's CID Unban Tool (1'000s of CIDs) [CCAPI 2.60-2.70]

    Cid glich don`t work but you can use still this sool to set Cids Today I am releasing this really simple tool I made in around 10 minutes. I made this when the CID glitch first happened, and remade it tonight and dropped it on Facebook, so I decided I'd just chuck it here. Uses: [X] If you...
  5. Craze

    Outdated Console ID List [10 CIDs]

    This is not my thread, I got it from multiple forums. Also, this is a dynamic thread, I'll try to add more! 10 CIDs! If you test these and they say they're not tested, tell me if they work or not. :) CID 1: CID 2: CID 3: CID 4: CID 5: CID 6: CID 7: CID 8: CID 9: CID 10: