1. dont_aim_at_me

    Release Counter Strike Source Public Hook - Steam - Not work on Crack

    I found a working hack for CSS, I don't know from which creator I downloaded it because I was a bit pissed off because a lot of monkeys only upload fake applications with fours. Should you use this hook on VAC servers better create a 2 account, I did it too and was killed by the VAC after 4...
  2. Kyle Fardy

    Release User Dashboard

    It Will Include The Following Passwords Encrypted In Either SHA2 Or BCRYPT (Depends On What I Can Be Bothered Doing) Moderator Panel Admin Panel News On Index Community Chat User Posts / Comments (With Likes & Dislikes Just Have To Somehow Lock A Users Like To Their Account So They Cant Spam...
  3. Kyle Fardy

    Tutorial Custom HTML/CSS Cursor

    Ever Wandered How Some Websites Have A Custom Cursor? Well Today Im Going To Show You How! So Lets Get Into It. How to do it? First Open An IDE Of Your Choice (Notepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Or Just Notepad) Then Go To The Page You Would Like To Add The Custom Cursor To And Just...
  4. Kyle Fardy

    Question What Would You Like To See More Of In This Section?

    The Title Says It All! What Would You Like To See More Of In This Section? PHP Sources / Tutorials CSS Sources / Tutorials HTML Sources / Tutorials MySQL Tutorials Themeforst Themes Projects Let Us Know What You Want To See And We Will Make It Happen As A Community
  5. CabCon

    Discussion What is the best CSS framework?

    Hey guys, I'm currently planing to work on a cool landing page for cabconmodding.com. Does anybody can recommend any good CSS framework? Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework. I quite like Twitter-Bootstrap. It's easy to use, got a big community...