1. Pyrex BLJ

    Tutorial (sprx) Fix - error generating PRX (prx-fixup failed), and similar errors.

    This Should Fix your SPRX Menus for any game having this problem. What I've found the last few times this error happened to me was that the problem is the built in sqrt() function in c++ so to fix it, we don't use it. add this function into your menu and use this instead: (btw thx for...
  2. Y

    Question [Redacted BO2] sound bank failed to load zmb_patch.all. You have a build problem.

    When I have injected a gsc to ZM/MP, and then start the game, at the loading screen somewhere, I crash. Yes, I am using a PC gsc file, not an console one. I did rename _cilentids_pc.gsc to _cilentids.gsc...
  3. S

    Black Ops 2 All DLC PKG + Fixes

    This Thread Will Have All The DLC For All Regions + Fixes! AQUA BREACH COYOTE PACK-A-PUNCH; BLES01717- Download (BLES01717) Camo Pack 3 Fix By [XxUnkn0wnxX].pkg from - send big files the easy way BLES01718- Download (BLES01718) Camo Pack 3 Fix By [XxUnkn0wnxX].pkg from...
  4. The Dark Side

    Answered PS3 Fix For Anarchy Private?

    It freezes on ps3 for no apparent reason, the coding works. And i can prove this, since i have a Jtag. I must've gotten rid of over a 1000 lines of code, and it still manages to freeze on me. The menu worked before (Back to when Update 2 was made), but now it doesn't. (On ps3, PC) I seek help...