menu base

  1. xCometMods

    Release [PC/Steam] Call of Duty: Ghosts Menu Base

    Works on latest steam version of call of duty ghosts, it's made using the msdetours library to hook onto the ClientThink_real function. Very simple but gets the job done. Works on extinction too! DLL injector included in x64\Release folder, just make sure file is called "codghosts.dll" DOWNLOAD
  2. LittleCham

    Question Looking for tutor to help me make mod menu (PAID)

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me make a mod menu. I am a little slow in the head but i'm not brain dead. I know some simple coding languages like HTML and CSS. Other than that i'm a noob. I'm willing to pay $10 an hour for getting helped. I already have a base but if you have any base...
  3. xCometMods

    Release [C++]Black Ops 2 Hook Menu Base PC Steam

    So today I will bring you guys a very simple offhost menu made using game functions. It didn't take very so if any bugs I guess you can report them to me. Pics: Download Project
  4. droid


    welp. yeah enjoy. Download - Base By Viiperz Virus scan not needed because its a source. Images : Credits Viiperz [Me] Design + Alot More 2much4u for functions for the actual base. LastGenGamer Help leave credits if you use this.. also upload it to any forum or youtube idc. hate...

    Answered Loz Menu Base

    Can somebody give me a download link for this SPECIFIC base, not similar ones, i want this one in particular, i realized it probably isn't publicly released but clearly people have it, so hopefully someone can share it around, thanks.
  6. S

    GSC Post your edited / created menu bases (images or videos)

    I want to see what people can do so created a post for menu bases. There is no "Reward" like in DF_AUS:s Post. Just post menubases (edited or created) Rules. 1. You must post it with images / videos. 2. Dont start bullshit argue with other people. 3. Try atleast, dont move it from left to...
  7. Rezhified

    Black Ops 2 Mikeeeyy`s COD 4 Menu Base Ported To Black Ops 2 By Rezhified And Extinct

    /* * Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio by iMCSx * * Creator : Rezhified/Extinct * Project : menu base port * Mode : Multiplayer * Date : 2016/12/05 - 20:04:55 * */ #include maps\mp\_utility; #include common_scripts\utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include...
  8. DF_AUS

    GSC Black Ops 2 Edited/Port Base Thread

    Hello CCM community,with CabCons approval i took into consideration with making 1 large thread containing several decent Bo2 edited and ported bases for those seeking a new base,rather looking over a variety of different threads. Each edited base/spoiler will contain: # Credits list # Download...
  9. JayCoder

    Release Menu Base {With Infinite Scroller}{Unfinished}

    This base is unfinished and will not be released for another hour or 2 depends on how things go but the progress is going great! if u like make sure to say so if u want more menu with infinite scroller just say xD i'll reconstruct some and fix some up with it lol xD :heart: Credits...
  10. Craze

    GSC The Final Statement menu base [BO2/1.19]

    Hey CCM. I was just bored, so I made The Final Statement into a menu base. Remember to use the credits provided in this thread and you :grinning:. BTW, It has infinite scroll :grinning: Download is attached below. Video: Screenshot: Credits: VT: Antivirus scan for...
  11. StonedYoda

    Release Official Menubase for Bo2 (GSC)

    Hi wazzup Guys, its me StonedYoda bringing you the CCM Menubase. First of all: This is a CCM Exclusive Project (like Echelon) so it will only be released on CCM. Here are a few Features of the Base: (Maybe a advanced Version coming soon) - Overflowfix - All Client Verification - Dynamic...
  12. CabCon

    GSC [GSC] Running Menu Base List

    Here you will find a few Menu Bases for Black Ops 1. [RELEASE][GSC] Black Ops 1 - Base Menu Verification System [Multiplayers/Zombie] Created by ZeiiKeN - Ported by CabCon Screenshot Video Download Pastebin - Source (Use this Setup-Folder) [GSC]Menu Base with Theme changer(3 themes...