1. themoddingdad

    What up ya'll new to the site ..

    Well I am a video game electroinics repair/mod man. So yeah if you need any help hit me up. Also not sure if this site has a services offered area. Anyhow thanks for the welcome blaze on. :sunglasses:
  2. DIVINIUM115

    Release BLACK OPS 3 v100 Offline Mega GobbleGum tool

    ALL ZOMBIES TOOL v6.1 ES -------------------------------------------------------- The ultimate tool for every zombie player! -------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tool is only...
  3. G

    Question Can I permanently change Ammo Values on Guns by modding BO2 Zombies?

    There are some guns, that would be a really good and fun alternative to the standard if they had more Ammo (Chicom, M1216, S12 ... like Shotties in general xD) and I wanted to ask if there was a way to Mod the Ammo capacity of some guns to "rebalance" an old game so it is more funy and dynamic...
  4. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release MW2/IW4X Custom Rick And Morty Themed UMP-45 Camo Pack

    Download link and install instructions in video description I lost a few of my custom camos by deleting them and thinking i had them backed up to save space on my mega recently if you have the itachi intervention, dbs intervention or dark magician girl please re upload and send it to me in...
  5. jord420

    is there any working black ops one menus 2021 PC

    hi i have recently been getting into BO1 on my pc and i am now looking for working mod menus online and offline multiplayer .
  6. TruGam3rr

    Release bunch of bo2 mod menus i found somewhere

    NOTE:I DID NOT MAKE GSC Studio OR ANY OF THESE MENUS, IT IS JUST A MASH-UP!!!! iMCSx IS THE CREATOR OF GSC Studio!!!! i dont remember where i got this from but i do think i found it on a forum. anyways, just a mash-up or folder containing a bunch of different mod menus for zm and mp. ALSO, USE...
  7. ItzJorgito

    is there any mod menu that i can buy for bo2?

    is there any mod menu that i can buy for bo2?
  8. lupospmt809

    Preview Lupos SPRX

    Ive been working on a BO2 and GTA Mod Menu. My BO2 Menu Will be named: Lupos SPRX Simple and basic name. The Menu is small not huge. Its a small simple menu containing this mods: MAIN MODS: UAV,REDBOX NO BLUR,NO RECOIL,BODY COLOR PINK,GREEN,BLUE,PURPLE,FLASH,RED/MAP COLOR>BLACK,GREEN,PURPLE OR...
  9. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release My Cod 4 Custom Camo Pack (PC)

    download link and install instructions in video description if you know how to make custom camos for mw2/cod4 on ps3 dm me
  10. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Custom Red Dot Sight Pack 2

    download link and install instructions in video description
  11. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Various Mini Gun Custom Camos

    download link and install instructions in video description
  12. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Custom Tiger Camo Pack

    download link and install instructions in video description
  13. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Dark Magician Girl Mini Uzi

    download link and install instructions in video description
  14. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Majin Vegeta M1014

    download link and install instructions in video description
  15. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release Harley Quinn G-18

    download link and install instructions in video description
  16. cautiousgg

    Discussion Need help cracking t7 menu

    So I have the t7 mod menu files but I need help cracking it so it is available to use, any help would be much appreciated. Please contact me if you have found anything. My discord is cautiousgg#3414 Download
  17. FrostyFN

    Question Custom Multiplayer Camos/Weapons?

    I was wondering if there was a way to create a custom multiplayer camo ( to add into a mod). If so, how can I make one, and implement it into the camos when you personalize a weapon? I was Also wondering how I could take an existing weapon, etc the bowie knife from zombies, and implement it...
  18. D

    Question Any bo1 zombies mods for PC that work online?

    I've been looking for the past hour or so and everything that I've found is saying that it's only for solo games, bo has been out for 10 years. I think there would be at least one menu that works online. If you guys know of any please let me know. I have the steam version, with all of the dlc...
  19. S

    Release BO2 Zombies Default Weapon Giver

    UPDATE: Now works COOP! Hello Cabcon community :smile: This is a simple silly little gsc studio script I wrote up and compiled for Blops 2 zombies that grants the player and anyone else in the game Cod's infamous "Default Weapon" (sometimes called the finger gun) at the start of a zombies...
  20. Reezh16

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GSC/GSCR Mod Menu Solitary by Reezh +Download

    BO2 GSC/GSCR MENU: Solitary by Reezh (final Release) Download includes: Console/GSC/GSCR/PC. Solitary Updates: Solitary by Reezh, has only been updated on the days i had free time(dates in READ.txt file). And since Blackops 2 is pretty much dead and ruined by non hosts or is just impossible to...