1. mplaut

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 AC130 Red Box Open Source +Script

    Hey everyone been working on an open source menu from AssumingAgate. Trying to get red boxes to work can someone help? void SpawnBoxes() { *(char*)(0x004885A5) = 117; } OPEN SOURCE: MEGA
  2. TheNigel

    Tool Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DVAR Tool Steam 1.2.211 +Download

    Here is a virus scan of the executable: Here is a virus scan of the rar archive...
  3. Flutts

    Release MW2 Lobby Tools Edited By Flutts

    Lobby Tools V2 Edited By Flutts Things I Have Added End Game XP Lobby - For Dom/FFA/Demo/War Give All Player Lvl 70 / Prestige 1-10 / Infections / Legit - Insane Stats Give A Single Player Lvl 70 / Prestige 1-10 / Legit - Insane Stats Gold Deagle Only Mode Walking AC130 Only Mode Default...
  4. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 3D-PRINT GSC Mod Menu by P!X +Download

    Hello guys, today I would love to share this awesome new idea by @P!X. It's a 3D printed mod menu which is located somewhere in the map. The player can move to the box and control it there. What do you think about this idea? :smile: Share it below! Preview Credits @P!X Download Dropbox -...
  5. SCP

    Tutorial How to install MW2 IW4x Client?

    IW4x is a modification of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, developed by Infinity Ward. The IW4X Client does not require you to register on a forum so getting started is pretty easy. Installation Make sure you have The Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed. Use the x86 version...
  6. AssumingAgate

    Release MW2 Steam Name Changer!

    Hello CabCon Users! Today i will be releasing a name changer for steam so you dont need to use steam to change your name! Video: Download (Support Creator - Some Support Would Be Nice xD): MEGA Donwload (Direct): MEGA
  7. AssumingAgate

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC Mod Menu Stream V4 +Download

    Hello CabConModding :handwaving:, today i will be releasing my V4 of Stream Mod menu for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! Release on CabConModding is a little delayed but its released now! Preview Features Aimbot (Regular Snap Aimbot) Require Aiming Spinbot Red Boxes Auto Shoot Bone ESP...
  8. AssumingAgate

    Release Stream Menu Update 3 Steam!

    Just Releasing The 3rd Update Of My Menu xD still pretty **** tho Download To Support Me: Shrink your URLs and get paid! Direct Download: MEGA Gawkbox: GawkBox | Bringing Live Streams To Life! (Might Aswell Check It Out xD) Video:
  9. AssumingAgate

    Release Stream Non-Host Mod Menu Steam Latest Update!

    Hey cabcon members, today i will be releasing the V2 to my Stream menu Updated with more features and options for the latest update! Hope you enjoy! Support Developer: MEGA Download: MEGA Video: If you get the error NULL on inject, just install all of the visual studio 2017 C++ dependencies
  10. K

    Answered MW2 steam version mods?

    Is there any of working cheats mw2 steam version, like wallhack and aimbot ? And if there are some of working cheats how do i install them ?
  11. xEony

    Preview MW2 IW4x Hack/Bypass Tool "IW4xTool" by xEony

    Preview Screenshot Description This tool allows to hack and bypass bans on IW4x servers. It is just a test to show that IW4x's AC is vulnerable. Although it seems like IW4x is not using any "active" AC, just some sort of blocking system to prevent memory access, it is still possible to get...
  12. CabCon

    Preview Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Run any Code on Host - Full remote code execution tool by momo5502

    Preview Description This tool allows to control the game by analyzing the network traffic and executing code on the host’s system using injected packets. It could also be used to harm the host by accessing his filesystem, or downloading an executable file and executing it or doing similar...
  13. T

    Tutorial {JUNE 2017} VAC BYPASS

    So basically after a long time of searching I finally found a way to bypass the "steam connect failed" error after being vacced. Here is my tutorial on YouTube below! (all download links in video description)
  14. P!X

    Release MW2 Singleplayer/Spec Ops ModLoader

    I think the title says it all xD momo5502 NOTE: This is a modified version of momo5502's cod-mod i just removed all not working features + mw3 support How To Use: Download the d3d9.dll file paste the file into your mw2 folder start game after that the game created a folder called "ccm_data"...
  15. R

    Help with mw2 rust pls

    Whats up guys i need the download for rust map on mw2 it didnt download with the game for some reason please help
  16. P!X

    Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 R3FL3X V2 GSC Mod Menu by xePixTvx + Download

    R3FL3X Just another MW2 gsc menu xD but im currently converting it to bo3 :tongueclosed:The menu base is my best so far(in terms of coding) :grinning: Nothing more to say, enjoy playing with it! Video Screenshots Downloads Credits @xePixTvx
  17. S

    Preview Mystery Cheats v2

    Hey Guy's! I am showing you a quick little preview of the Pre-Game menu for Mystery Cheats v2. I just wanted to show everyone that I am still working on Mystery Cheats and haven't abandoned it. The Pre-Game menu was highly demanded when i released the v1 and now you see it will be in the v2...
  18. S

    Question shipment map!

    can anyone make shipment work in mw2? that would be very epic!!!
  19. Lucifer

    Question Mw2 Repz V2 Demo Viewer

    Does anyone happen to know of a Mw2 Repz v2 demo Viewer i so i can skip through the demo and get the the part i want to record?
  20. R

    Answered How do i install this mod??

    Release - SpecOps/SP Menu[V0.6 Released] | Page 2 | CabConModding So i saw this mod and it caught my eye, i downloaded it hoping it would be a dll for an injector but it was a .ff file. How do i insert this into my mw2 folder correctly?