1. Lucifer

    Question Patch Viewer Broken???

    Hello everybody on ccm I was just quite curious on what this is I have found a waw patch to fit my needs and work in the game mode war but the thing is the color of the points that pop up when you get a kill are blue so me and @dorathekiller97 tried to fix and we get this message when we start...
  2. mETALhuSKY

    Release Husky's Private Patch Beta Release

    Hey CCM this is JaffaStar (or... It was) (I decided to rebrand) anyways, today I'll be releasing my new Menu called Husky's Private Patch This is not the full version but I wanted to release it, and it works for all Platforms. Credits: Extinct iTahhr JR JS LuxZMoDz If I forgot to credit you...
  3. SlowModzHD

    Release SlowModzHD Superman V3.0 SPRX ! [1.14]

    Yo all ! :grinning: Today I release the version 3.0 of my Superman ModMenu ! Usable in MW2 1.14 (not bypass!) :grinning: FOR THE HOST : The menu working in 1080p & 720p (resolution), but it's better to play in 720p.. FOR THE CLIENT : They don't have the HOST menu and then, they can play...
  4. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 Muliplayer VMT GSC Mod Menu by CabCon

    Hey, I'm CabCon and I know this is a old Mod Menu but I still like it. :grinning: Video Screenshot Menu Includes Download Download Includes: PC Compiled Xbox Compiled PS3 Compiled Source GSC Download Credits CabCon GSC Modding Community :cabconmodding: @CabCon