1. A

    Mod or menu that can De-rank yourself

    I was wondering if there was a mod or a menu that can reset your own rank. I accidentally locked myself into master prestige and would like to reset it. All I wanted was all of the guns
  2. uwu11jr

    Question i havent seen any i was wondering if there were any offhost pc menus?

    would be nice if there was one with features such as no recoil and esp. mxt tool works but crashes for me sometimes
  3. D

    Question Any bo1 zombies mods for PC that work online?

    I've been looking for the past hour or so and everything that I've found is saying that it's only for solo games, bo has been out for 10 years. I think there would be at least one menu that works online. If you guys know of any please let me know. I have the steam version, with all of the dlc...
  4. 1

    Question Change Gamertag and Clanting

    Hi everyone, does somebody know how to change the clan- and gamertag with GSC Studio? Best regards
  5. 0

    Combat Training XP boost and prestige

    Hi there, I'm looking to change Combat Training, so that I can increase the XP I get for kills and gaining objectives, etc. I'd also like to prestige in Combat Training so I can have some incentive to rank up beyond lvl 50. The problem is that I can't firgure out where the amounts of XP for...
  6. Aqua!

    Answered How to show ON/OFF text inside the menu option it self?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about: (In the RED circle.) I want to know how to change "[OFF]" to "[ON]" when you select the option. Thank you for helping in advance if you do! :smile: - Aqua! :cabconmodding:
  7. The Dark Side

    Question So i got this function...

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering. I'm having this issue where i can't exactly get it to do what i want. Let me explain. PF(function, A, B, C) //Doesn't currently work on self, no iPrints pop up. { player = level.players[self.PlayerNum]; if(player != self.in_VIP_list || player != self)...
  8. xCometMods

    Answered BO2 GSC No Spread For Zombies

    Got an answer from candy for a no spread gsc code which worked on MP but on zombies it does not work. smallcross() { if(self.small==0) { self iprintln("Small Crosshair: ^2On"); self setPerk("specialty_bulletaccuracy"); setDvar("perk_weapSpreadMultiplier", 0); self.small=1; } else { self...
  9. The Dark Side

    Question Black Ops 3 lag spikes in certain areas.

    Hey all of you beautiful people. I've been having some lag issues with running black ops 3 at high settings. 1080 and rendering in 1080. Only in certain areas, in others its a smooth 60FPS. I have 8GB of DDR3 ram, an AMD FX 4300 Quad core 3.8GHZ, and an Nvidia 1050 Ti. Any clue as to what...
  10. F

    Answered I can not do GSC stealth

    I could not make GSC Stealth Please tell me who knows
  11. The Dark Side

    Question R2R Menu In GSC From Xbox?

    Heya everyone, ive been trying to add a R2R menu from Xbox to Ps3 through a gsc menu. It actually works fine, until it gets to the main R2R system (doGiveInfections). Which freezes the Ps3. I know there is a way to fix this, but i do not know how, hence i don't really know CFG stuff too much...
  12. Bankiieh

    Question Are there any Paladins hacks?

    Is there any paladins hacks out there, if so post on here pls. -Bankiieh
  13. oVitality

    Answered Need help coding a "Controls list Box" for my menu!

    Here is an example of what i am talking about: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  14. Unix

    Outdated World To Radar (2D Radar Need Help Porting)

    Good Evening CCM! Today I need a little help from someone who can possibly port or help me fully port this 2D Radar or a world to radar script to GSC. Yes I know GSC is dead but I got bored and decided to work on a project so.... If anyone already has a World to Radar script they can give...
  15. Right

    Answered Looking for Kratos Avatar Edat

    What is says on the tin ^
  16. Collie

    Answered Has anyone figured out how to use gobblegums in scripts? GSC Black Ops 3

    I want to use some of the gobblegums in my scripts, but we're missing a lot of necessary information in _zm_bgb.gsc I was wondering if anyone's managed to export the full scripts or something along those lines?
  17. Craze

    Answered Finding Offsets

    So, I'm making an RTM and I need offsets for PC. Does anyone know any 1.19 PC offset list, or how to get the offsets from PC?
  18. Craze

    Answered How do you spawn power ups? [ZM]

    How do you spawn power ups? And is there a power up list? I want to know how to do this because I want a power up spawn menu. :D
  19. The Dark Side

    Outdated Way To Change Class Limitations With GSC?

    Title says it all. Anyone have/know a way? I couldn't find any in the dumps. :( Much love CCM! :)
  20. Craze

    Answered Shader List

    Is there any shader list for PC? If so, can you tell me. :D