1. 1

    Question Change Gamertag and Clanting

    Hi everyone, does somebody know how to change the clan- and gamertag with GSC Studio? Best regards
  2. 0

    Combat Training XP boost and prestige

    Hi there, I'm looking to change Combat Training, so that I can increase the XP I get for kills and gaining objectives, etc. I'd also like to prestige in Combat Training so I can have some incentive to rank up beyond lvl 50. The problem is that I can't firgure out where the amounts of XP for...
  3. Aqua!

    Answered How to show ON/OFF text inside the menu option it self?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about: (In the RED circle.) I want to know how to change "[OFF]" to "[ON]" when you select the option. Thank you for helping in advance if you do! :smile: - Aqua! :cabconmodding:
  4. The Dark Side

    Question So i got this function...

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering. I'm having this issue where i can't exactly get it to do what i want. Let me explain. PF(function, A, B, C) //Doesn't currently work on self, no iPrints pop up. { player = level.players[self.PlayerNum]; if(player != self.in_VIP_list || player != self)...
  5. xCometMods

    Answered BO2 GSC No Spread For Zombies

    Got an answer from candy for a no spread gsc code which worked on MP but on zombies it does not work. smallcross() { if(self.small==0) { self iprintln("Small Crosshair: ^2On"); self setPerk("specialty_bulletaccuracy"); setDvar("perk_weapSpreadMultiplier", 0); self.small=1; } else { self...
  6. The Dark Side

    Question Black Ops 3 lag spikes in certain areas.

    Hey all of you beautiful people. I've been having some lag issues with running black ops 3 at high settings. 1080 and rendering in 1080. Only in certain areas, in others its a smooth 60FPS. I have 8GB of DDR3 ram, an AMD FX 4300 Quad core 3.8GHZ, and an Nvidia 1050 Ti. Any clue as to what...
  7. F

    Answered I can not do GSC stealth

    I could not make GSC Stealth Please tell me who knows
  8. The Dark Side

    Question R2R Menu In GSC From Xbox?

    Heya everyone, ive been trying to add a R2R menu from Xbox to Ps3 through a gsc menu. It actually works fine, until it gets to the main R2R system (doGiveInfections). Which freezes the Ps3. I know there is a way to fix this, but i do not know how, hence i don't really know CFG stuff too much...
  9. Bankiieh

    Question Are there any Paladins hacks?

    Is there any paladins hacks out there, if so post on here pls. -Bankiieh
  10. oVitality

    Answered Need help coding a "Controls list Box" for my menu!

    Here is an example of what i am talking about: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  11. Unix

    Outdated World To Radar (2D Radar Need Help Porting)

    Good Evening CCM! Today I need a little help from someone who can possibly port or help me fully port this 2D Radar or a world to radar script to GSC. Yes I know GSC is dead but I got bored and decided to work on a project so.... If anyone already has a World to Radar script they can give...
  12. Right

    Answered Looking for Kratos Avatar Edat

    What is says on the tin ^
  13. Collie

    Answered Has anyone figured out how to use gobblegums in scripts? GSC Black Ops 3

    I want to use some of the gobblegums in my scripts, but we're missing a lot of necessary information in _zm_bgb.gsc I was wondering if anyone's managed to export the full scripts or something along those lines?
  14. Craze

    Answered Finding Offsets

    So, I'm making an RTM and I need offsets for PC. Does anyone know any 1.19 PC offset list, or how to get the offsets from PC?
  15. Craze

    Answered How do you spawn power ups? [ZM]

    How do you spawn power ups? And is there a power up list? I want to know how to do this because I want a power up spawn menu. :D
  16. The Dark Side

    Outdated Way To Change Class Limitations With GSC?

    Title says it all. Anyone have/know a way? I couldn't find any in the dumps. :( Much love CCM! :)
  17. Craze

    Answered Shader List

    Is there any shader list for PC? If so, can you tell me. :D