redacted client

  1. avocadro

    Question Ive been having a issue with black ops 2 redacted version

    The error message is "Fatal error (0xc0000025) at 0xc7760b52 ask for help on" , Can anyone help with this please
  2. G

    Redacted T6 bad performance

    Hi i have been experiencing incredibly bad performance with the redacted mod on a good laptop. This is not exactly a new issue. This is with the steam version of the game. I recently got this new laptop and i thought that i would get at least a moderate performance increase, but nope. It is...
  3. H

    Buried Script Error for nightly Client

    Hi, I know this has been addressed before, but I need to ask again. How can I fix a script error for buried? I have tried to launch it with nightly. I don't remember if I got the client files from cabcon or somewhere else. I also do not know where I got my dlc files. Does anyone know a solution...
  4. D

    Question How to play redacted offline without any internet connection but with all dlc

    i just want to ask how can i play it offline with the new redacted lan client that include all the dlc.
  5. Slander

    Release Project Azn | Creacted By Pyrex BLJ and Slander

    Hello CCM! Today, I will be releasing the first iteration of a menu I re-worked by Pyrex BLJ. Pyrex released a menu a while back called "Redacted Project" and I decided to work with it and understand GSC as this is my very first time working with GSC. I will be working on console versions of...
  6. SCP

    Release Redacted Custom Weapons Pack

    These guns will replace the original ones that came with the release of Redacted. If you want to keep those weapons, make a copy of "patch_redacted.ff" in "zone\redacted\". (rename the .ff to .ff.oldguns or something you fancy) This patch adds new loadouts of guns to the game. Such as: IW3's...
  7. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Unlock Every Camo In BO2 REDACTED T6 PC

    So ill make it short sweet and simple every camo is something people have wanted and thanks to StonedYoda and His menu Echelon Release - Echelon v2.0 by StonedYoda | CabConModding You need to be level 55 so just keep going in online typing xpartygo in console and then use the account menu to set...
  8. WECoyote99

    Answered Request

    who is in charge of weapon porting for BO2 MP cause I like to see the SP Load out like the FIM-92 Stinger and the MG08/15 plus otherZM weapons come to MP
  9. X

    Answered Fatal Error 0xc000005 at (random numbers) Reply ASAP!

    I have been attempting to get Black Ops 2 successfully working with Redacted for at least a week, countless hours into it, which shouldn't take that long, I think. Anyways, every time I download a black ops 2 copy and put Redacted in (I've tried so many types. Nightly0625, T6, and some others I...
  10. Dertii

    Release Redacted T6M Source Code

    So i managed to get the source code of Redacted T6M. So why not post it here and make some people happy? So here is the source code. Preview: Source Code Download Redacted Source Code Virus Scan
  11. Postalityjr

    Outdated Exp Menu that works? Lan Version

    I've tried multiple Big XP Menu's and none of them seem to work, visually it shows I gain like 50K per kill but I dont actually gain that much... Is there one that works and someone else knows it works for them too? (LAN VERSION)
  12. Postalityjr

    Outdated Server disconnected, workaround without resetstats?

    For some reason my game will randomly give me a 'Server Disconnected" error every time I start up a match and it finishes loading, and the game will just kick me back to the main screen. The only way to fix it to my understanding is resetting my stats... which well of course is VERY...
  13. Setsuna


    Hey guys is there any way to get rid of this error about xbox ? cos when i play a mins. or an hour after that when i go to my emblem the error appears but when i restart the game and click the emblem again i cant use my emblem now . beacause of xboxlive generic disconnect . i deleted my game if...
  14. God

    Release Redacted Tool

    Hello CCM :kissingheart: So i'm releasing a tool I made for Redacted, currently only for the LAN release. Have Fun. PIC: Download: Redacted Tool or check attached files
  15. The Dark Side

    Answered How to change bot names in Redacted Nightly Client?

    It kinda bugs me them having the same names all the time. How do you change? :)
  16. T

    Answered Redacted Alpha

    Can someone upload the Redacted Alpha Build if they have it? It would be awesome.
  17. TheKillerey

    Release REDACTED (Modded) CHANGELOG

    Redacted 18 October 2015 - TECH ALPHA, RE-Release - v.0.0.8 Added Custom Camos Fixed Weapon Textures Added New Background for Main Menu Added New Loading Animation (WIP) ? April 2016 - TECH BETA, Release - v.0.1.1 Changed all normal Camos Fixed new Weapon Textures Fixed loading animation...
  18. God

    Release Redacted Tool (Nightly)

    Hello CCM :kissingheart: Here's a quick tool i made for redacted if you want to spice it up :handok: PIC: Download:
  19. Throwie

    Answered Can I change my name color in Black Ops 2 Redacted?

    Is their any tool that someone could link me it.
  20. Throwie

    Answered Bo2 Clients?

    Is their any Bo2 online clients?