1. xCometMods

    Release Black Ops 3 Zombies Trainer

    Works on Steam & Fitgirl v100 thread : Black Ops 3 Zombies Trainer
  2. N

    Question Black Ops 1 off host cheat

    Is there any working off host cheat on black ops 1 PC ?
  3. dont_aim_at_me

    Preview Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Trainer - Steam

    I don't know what the trainer is for because I don't have the game, I found it in my folder. I think the trainer works for the Steam version of the game. If it works, I ask for an answer.
  4. dont_aim_at_me

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Survival Trainer - Steam

    Run trainer as administrator and start a solo survival mode. Start the game in window mode "Frameless" or use "ALT + TAB" and choose what you want. Trainer can also be used in "Mission" and "Chaos" modes. Tested version: 1.9.461
  5. S

    Release Simple Battlefield V Cheat / Trainer v1.0

    Category: Battlefield V Developer: Speedi13 More information:[Release] Battlefield V - Minimap, Nametags, NoRecoil Simple Battlefield V Cheat / Trainer v1.0 Minimap Cheat NameTags Cheat -> Visibility (FF Risk) -> Name (FF Risk) -> Health (FF Risk) -> Distance (FF Risk) NoRecoil AimAssist...
  6. CabCon

    Outdated PC - Black Ops 3 Zombie Trainer 1.1 By Phuc Dat (Anti-Cheat Bypass and more!) + Download

    Hello everyone, today I wil post here this awesome tranier by Phuc Dat. Enjoy it. System: PC Video Screenshots Feature List Anti-Cheat Bypass (Games no longer recorded) Jump Height Gravity Modifier Walk Speed Modifier Restart Map End Game Unlimited Ammo For All Extended Mags Instant Kill...