Release Zolferno's Ultimate Zombies Trainer V2.2 PC


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Hey Guys,

New GUI, New Features + You Are ALWAYS HOST no need for udp flooder, my trainer will always make you host. I am Coding Voice Recognition at the moment, You guys can prepare for this by installing Microsoft Voice Recognition - or check control panel and ease of access and its there

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False Positive - its the program i use to protect my source

Editable Hacks:

- Change Your Name
- Change Other Players Names
- Change Your Own Points
- Change Other Players Points
- Change Your Own HeadShots And Kills
- Change Other Players Headshots And kills
- Change Your Own Revives And Downs
- Change Other Players HeadShots and Kills
- Change Player Speed - This Affects All Players
- Change Level
- Uber Melee Range - Unlimeted Knife Range - This Affects Everyone
- Small Cross-hair - Perfect Aim
- No Clip - Fly Through Walls + For All Players
- 3rd Person - Camera Behinde Character
- God Mod - You Cant Take Damage
- 0 Gravity - You Float Once You Jump - This Affects Everyone
- Fast Motion - Game is Sped up A lot - This Affects Everyone
- Slow Motion - Game Is Really Slow - This Affects Everyone
- The Floating Dead - Zombies Float When Dead
- Fast Trigger - Gun Fire Speed Increased x100 - This Affects Everyone
- Only Head Shots - Copies Your Kills To Headshots + For All Players
- Instant Kill - One Shot One Kill, Works on new spawned zombies - This Affects Everyone
- Infinite Ammo + For All Players
- No Recoil - Gun & Aim doesn't move
- Invisible - You go Invisible To Other Players + For All Players
- Box Never Moves - The Box Stays In One Place - This Affects Everyone
- Cheats Enabled Online - Allows You To Give Yourself Any Weapon -If this is on when you end a game you wont get a rank on the leader board so turn it off before the end.
- Kill All Zombies - Kills All Current Zombies Alive - Cheats Online Must Be Enabled To Use

- Take Weapons - Take Any Players Weapons Away They Cant Get any Weapons Until You Turn it off
- Freeze Player - Freeze Any Player On The Spot
- Set 0 Points - Sets Selected Players Points To And stays at 0
- Kick - Kicks Selected Player From The Game - Cheats Online Must Be Enabled To Use


- Go - Sends you to Selected Location
- Save Position - Saves Your Current Location
- Load Position - Loads Your Saved Location
- Prepare Summon - Press Before Summon
- Summon - Summons All players to you
- Little Go Button - Teleports To Custom Location

Other Players:

- Prepare Teleport - This Reads The Players Current Location
- Teleport - This Teleports You To The Player Once You Have Used Prepare Teleport
- Prepare Summon - This Reads The Players Current Location
- Summon - Summons The Player To Your Current Location
- Little Go Button - Teleports Selected Player To Custom Location

Weapon Features:

- Give Weapon - Selected Map For Special Weapon - Works In Online ( E.g You are on Five And Chose Freeze Gun And Press Give Weapon - You Get it, Unfortunately This Only Works For Player 1)

- Special Weapons - These Are All Death Machine's And A Few Pistols. ( E.g Select Death Machine On Five, You select The Checkbox 2 And Press The Player 3 Button, Player 3 Will
Have A Death Machine In Weapon Slot 3 So They Just Need To Switch Weapons And They Have it )

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I just created a link to download it, I forgot LOL, I've never tried it on Call of Duty Black Ops 1 BGamer T5 LAN/Offline Client v0.7
Thank you :smile: I can give it a try!